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  1. yes but i would have to open the bottom shroud and i have 2 HDD's so the wouldnt fit unless i mash my drive bay right up against my PSU
  2. thanks, and im new to this so i came here for help from people with greater knowledge than me thats why
  3. phantex p500a, coming from a fractal design define c with 2 120mm FD fans in the front, never played with the fan curve as i dont have any knowledge in this field, am just asking if 120 would move more air or is 140 better
  4. was planning on upgrading my case and giving my old one and fans to my father and was planning on picking up some noctua fans with the case and wanted to know if 2 140mm would be better than 3 120mm fans in the front
  5. honey paid linus to do a honey ap not a sponsor spot and the add is very dumb
  6. i expected linus to do better but my god did he deliver something so far below the bar the devil is getting scared
  7. got my hands on a 980 pro evo and used Samsungs Data Migration software to move my C drive over to the new drive, worked like a charm, but in disk managment it states the drive is offline due to it sharing characteristics with the m.2 due to cloning and i just wanted to make sure that if i format my old SSD it wont screw with my new c drive
  8. MOTHERFUCKER the damn software was able to recover it but refuses to fix it unless i upgrade to a non free version due to a 1GB limit...that HDD has 1.3TB of data on it
  9. also any thoughts on that e drive? it appeared a bit after the other drives disappeared with a similar size to my m.2's partition but i dont have permission to open or edit it in any way
  10. trying that out now, had to reinstall but seems to be working at least it knows the HDD's name so thats a good start
  11. i tried starting from sratch on the m.2 but stuff was just being 2 slow and not working right, i couldnt get nvidias website to work and get the files to support my main monitor wifi was being suspiciously slow for no reason as well so looked into just coping my c driver over to the m.2
  12. minitool partition wizard 11 but i didnt mess with any of my HDD's with it and only deleted things via the windows install stick