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  1. I just bought an RTX 3080 Asus TUF and I am not able to find the PPID? Any fellow asus tuf 3080 owners know where the exact location of the ppid?
  2. I currently have a pre order for the asus tuf 3080(coming hopefully this thursday) and with the 6800xt coming should I wait for it? Though my dilemma is that I have a gsync monitor, specifically the acer X34P. Which card should I get? however the stocks would be the other concern xD. thank you!
  3. Thanks! The only thing is I can get the Colorful right away while the Asus one is on pre order since the 24th of September. And still no update since or any ETA Thanks again. Will just have to wait I guess
  4. I would like to have your input on which GPU should I get? Colorful RTX 3080 Advance OC or Asus RTX RUF 3080 non OC. I would like to also know if my PSU is enough its the SF750 and it has only 2x8pin PCIE cable and the Colorful needs 3. Will I still be able to use the card with only using 2 cables? Thanks!
  5. Go for TUF! Its a 3080 after all and you can save a bunch. If you dont care about aesthetics its a good buy!
  6. I second this! I think its the cable having the same problem with my SF600 before when I used the sleeved cables sold by corsair. When I switch back to the stock one no problems whatsoever
  7. Thanks! Its an SFF PSU and thats the only slack I can give it, but no damage can be done right? just wanna make sure since its brand-new. Thanks!
  8. Will this cause any damage to the cables or the power supply? Thank you!
  9. I have only a Ryzen 5 3600, 16gb ram, also will this be a bottleneck?
  10. Should I wait for a new PSU for the 3080 or get the Corsair SF750? I currently have the SF600 which is not enough right?
  11. Hi good day guys Im asking if what dac/amp should I get? Right now im just using my motherboard audio jach which is an asus x470-i. Paired with the PC37x and im planning on getting the 6xx..what should be the best choice or you guys have have a suggest I am willing to listen
  12. Hi guys kindly help me with my problem..I recently just replaced my 2600x to a 3600. At first I can go to bios and even played a bit of Cod 4. Now this happens it keep on boot lopping not going past where it says press delete to go to bios. My motherboard is the X470-i gaming from asus and has already the latest bios which is the 2801. What can I do to fix this? Thank you and God bless
  13. Good day guys I currently have a 600w sfx PSU and was wondering if it can handle the ryzen 7 3700x and a 2070 super? Also since its only 65 tdp does it mean it wont produce alot of heat?