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  1. Cool, thanks man, you've been a great help. I'll probably update this thread or make a new one when this project actually gets going.
  2. Any recommendations for a newbee to coding for Python?
  3. Cool, thanks sounds like that's the most common suggestion.
  4. It was meant to be overboard stupid so we could play like an emulator while making toast or something. Just as a school project lmao.
  5. For some backstory, I'm currently taking a high school networking class and we have a toaster that is passed down to each incoming senior class. Some friends and I want to put a Raspberry Pi in the toaster and be able to control it through the computer. What language would be best? I would assume like C# or something like that but if someone has a good recommendation that's not ungodly difficult to learn, that'd be great. This is going to be a really dumb but cool project. Raspberry Pi 4 (8GB Ram model)
  6. so it seems like the work around I've found for now is that I have a folder under \\FreeNAS\nas\frank and I can write and manage it with NextCloud, it's really scuffed and NextCloud's speeds are about 1/5 of local for one reason or another but that's my workaround for now. I don't really know what to do from here, I'll look to see if there's anything I oversighted.
  7. made a separate dataset and tried putting the manjaro .iso onto it and it didn't work but the Arch .iso worked, this is so weird
  8. you see, there's one little problem with that solution, it's the root pool, and you can't change the permissions on the root pool
  9. No, there's no extra user, it just mounts the drives so there should be no reason why it would change the permissions.
  10. I have figured out the issue but I don't know how to fix said issue. Whenever I write a file from Nextcloud to my NAS, it adds a Unix User/www permission set, is there any way to fix this?
  11. It's currently just in my user dataset: \\Freenas\nas\frank I was trying to move them to a folder
  12. So I recently copied over some .isos, namely Manjaro and Arch over to my NAS just to have them in a pinch if I need them when I'm somewhere. I'm trying to move them to a new folder so they're not just unorganized on my NAS but the files won't move or delete. The error: You require permission from Unix User\www to make changes to this file I have no clue why it's doing this. Computer accessing from is a Windows 10 Desktop FreeNAS-11.3-U5 running on the NAS Just a minor inconvenienced that's quite annoying that I want to nip in the butt before I forgot to.