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  • CPU
    Ryzen 5 3600
  • Motherboard
    MSI B550-a pro
  • RAM
    16GB DDR4 3200Mhz
  • GPU
    AMD Radeon Rx 560 2Gb
  • Case
    H510 elite
  • Storage
    970 EVO 250GB
  • PSU
    Corsair 650W
  • Display(s)
    1x Acer 1080p 75Hz
  • Cooling
    Air cooling
  • Keyboard
    Corsair K55 RGB
  • Mouse
    Corsair Harpoon
  • Sound
    Turtle Beach
  • Operating System
    Windows 10
  • Laptop
    don't have one lol

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  1. Hiya people, will the Dark Rock Pro 4 fit in my H510 elite? Ram clearance, I'm using 2 of these but planning to put another 2 in: https://www.ebuyer.com/1126766-lexar-8gb-ddr4-3200mhz-cl19-udimm-ld4au008g-r3200gsst on my Msi B550-a pro in the H510 elite
  2. Waiting on a GTX 970 to arrive 

  3. 1) A 5600x will do perfectly with a 3070, you would also need a new motherboard (B550) 2) You could put the put 2 fans at the front a 2 for the aio on top and forget about the rear exhaust 3) Your boot drive should be on the faster drive for faster load times and system responsiveness.
  4. I kinda want to get the amount of wires visible in my setup down, one of the reasons i want to upgrade my keyboard. and I also want to upgrade from membrane
  5. Backlighting, mechanical. Don't care too much about what switches
  6. looking for a tenkeyless keyboard thats wireless (UK). What price should I be thinking and has anyone got any suggestions?
  7. Found a 3050 Ti Laptop, so it's confirmed https://www.dell.com/en-uk/shop/laptops/new-dell-g15-gaming-laptop/spd/g-series-15-5510-laptop/cn55508
  8. Does anybody know the price of importing a gpu from the US to the UK?
  9. O well that works even better to be honest
  10. Hiya, I was looking around for some custom cables for my power supply, would these be fine https://amzn.to/3nOwduL? I also don't know if it's the right place for this post
  11. I can go down to a local shop and pick up another 4gb stick for really cheap
  12. Having it not run on my pc would also be better because I could keep it on 24/7 if its out of my way in another room or next to the router