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  1. Heard a buzzing noise when I turned on my computer, so turned it off and on several times. Pretty sure it's not the HDD, because my computer has an SSD. Computer's barely a month old. There's no way something's wrong with it already. Heard the buzzing noise again today and the other day. I don't know if I'm just not used to the differences between my new computer and my old computer that I had for 7-8 years. I'm not used to there being less of a delay between when you press the power button and when the computer turns on, for example. Heard the buzzing again tod
  2. Sorry, everyone. Just a bit worried that my computer will die early.
  3. OK, here's my old computer: https://www.amazon.com/Dell... And here's my current computer: https://www.amazon.com/Acer... How much more powerful is my current one?
  4. Just about every long-running or critically acclaimed show has at least one major stinker in its run. It's just inevitable when you have so many episodes, some of them are gonna be duds. Sometimes, these episodes can be just as well-known as the great episodes. I'll start with Code of Honor from TNG. Everything, from the racist undertones thanks to the baffling decision to make the actors playing a primitive alien race who lust after strong women black to the terrible fight scene makes me wonder how anybody involved thought this episode was a good idea.
  5. What was the worst injury you ever had as a kid? When I was a kid, I touched the hot part of a gas heater and got 3rd degree burns.
  6. Just found out my computer doesn't have a rear exhaust fan.
  7. Is "best prebuilt brand" relative? Because I've heard bad things about all of the major brands.
  8. I bought it because it had an Amazon's Choice label, and I saw that Acer computers were listed as the best budget computers.
  9. If you don't feel like building your own computer and would rather get a prebuilt, what are the best major computer brands? The worst?
  10. I read an Amazon review that said their computer died after a week.
  11. OK, but I'm mostly worried about it breaking soon after purchase, because I've heard that about Acer products, and heard horror stories about their customer service.
  12. I got this computer today. Is it any good? Anyone have any experience with Acer computers? I plan on using it to surf the web and watch streams. I ask because I've heard of Acer products breaking soon after purchase, and I've heard horror stories about Acer's customer service. https://www.amazon.com/Acer-TC-895-U.../dp/B088X2YR3X