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  1. Disabling fast boot didn't do anything so I turned it back on. I ended up enabling "Launch CSM" in BIOS and rebooted. Powered down the PC completely, and powered it back on. It started up lightning fast from a full shut down. Almost too fast, in about 5 seconds. No signal loss. Something's still not right. Now it's hard to enter bios. I can't enter bios from a full shutdown, but have to restart the PC in windows then hit delete or f2. I dunno, at least my main problem with losing signal is fixed.
  2. I'll try disabling fast boot when I get home and see if that helps. The graphics card has 2 HDMI ports and they both do the same thing (Asus TUF 3080 OC). I also tried different HDMI ports on the TV.
  3. Some cables on Amazon only advertise 4K at 60Hz. Others 4K at 120Hz. There are so many to choose from it's hard to decide what to pick so I went with ones that advertised 4K120 and had good reviews. They will do that once the PC is finally booted and displaying video.
  4. When I press the PC power button to boot up windows, I'll get the Asus ROG startup screen as normal, then when it goes to start windows (login screen) I lose signal. When I hit the reset button on the PC, it'll start up fine although sometimes takes a while to display video. I won't see anything until the login screen appears. Any ideas what could be causing this? I tried 3 different HDMI 2.1 cables so I don't think it's that. It was working fine on my LG C8.
  5. It seems a majority of the negatives are damage during shipment, or things not being properly connected. At least the early ones I read. I got a 3080 prebuilt from them back in January. As many reviews state, the GPU wasn't fully in the PCIe slot when it arrived. I just snapped it in and moved on but others claim there was damage to the slot. The packaging otherwise was great and it's been a great PC. It's pretty much impossible to find the build I got right now for $2500. I looked into many of the other prebuilt sites and they were all more expensive for often
  6. I'm not a fan of Newegg in general, but their ABS models seem ok. I've heard good things about customer support and people being sent a new GPU if theirs died or was DOA. The bad thing is you can't customize them. But overall I find them to be cheaper than customizing a similar build on a prebuilt site.
  7. I won the shuffle twice and only entered like 10 times. It was shit I didn't want but I spent so much at newegg I guess I'm in a higher tier or something.
  8. The Best Buy scalpers are already on ebay listing these for $3000. haha You can get a scalped 3090 for that.
  9. newegg is already fucked up and keeps sending me to the UK site. lol
  10. I can't. No Best Buy stores in my state will have them at launch. Plus people are probably already lined up. Checking other online stores though.
  11. https://www.theverge.com/2021/6/2/22465116/best-buy-stores-nvidia-rtx-3080-ti-founders-edition-thursday-line-up https://corporate.bestbuy.com/what-to-know-about-nvidias-geforce-rtx-3080-ti-founders-edition-graphics-card/?nrtv_cid=69e405550944bde65666ad3432e55b5e7f163fe516e1ed61def502526ecad64d&subId2=verge&subId3=1742370703715457225&subId1= Even BB's 3080 ti page on their website says in store only instead of "coming soon".
  12. Best Buy is only doing an in-store launch and just 81 stores on the planet will have stock. lol Their website is the worst I've ever seen during every big launch anyway so good for people who can get to a store and score. As far as I'm aware launch will be at 9am est like the others. That's when BB starts selling.
  13. People are paying over $3000 on ebay for 3090s. Even if nVidia charged $2K for this, scalpers would still make money. They'd have to charge around $2800 to deter scalpers then look even more like assholes.
  14. So, they have zero idea what's going on with GPUS right now price and availability wise? Will they assist him in buying him a scalped one for 4 times the MSRP?
  15. I just did the April 2103 update for my Asus Z490-E. This company in particular makes it extremely easy. I didn't pay much attention to it in the past but think if I did I wouldn't have had certain issues with past systems.