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  • Birthday Jun 23, 1988

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    Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
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    Guitarist of Cacodemonia, Lavaborne, Scorched Earth, and Always & Never
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    metal guitarist


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    Intel Corei7-7700
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    Thimphu-K (OEM)
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    16GB dual-channel
    (2x8GB Micron DDR4-2133 OEM)
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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070
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    HP Omen 870-255xt w/ front RGB
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    256GB SATA SSD 2.5" (OEM)
    1TB SATA HDD 7200RPM 3.5" (OEM)
    2TB WD Black SATA HDD 7200RPM 2.5"
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    HP 500w 80+ (OEM)
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    AOC E2426SWD
    Acer G226HQL
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    HP OEM heat sink & fan assembly
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    Microsoft Digital Media Pro Keyboard (old but I love it)
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    Onn RGB gaming mouse
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    PreSonus AudioBox iTwo
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    Windows 10 Home 64-bit
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    Samsung Note 8

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  1. Final update... I received another replacement from WD. They claim this is a brand-new unit and not a refurbished one. Got it installed, and so far no more of that awful sound. Tested the drive using WD's drive utility and it seems to work fine... and most importantly, nice and quiet. This whole thing was certainly an adventure.
  2. The optimist in me would like to agree with you, but it just sounds so bad that I really don't feel comfortable trusting it with any data. I am pursuing the matter further with WD, but I guess at this point I just want others to be aware before deciding to purchase a WD hard drive.
  3. Update... I received a replacement from WD. As (unfortunately) expected, they sent a "re-certified" drive. This one was a WD Black as well, but a different model number (WD2003FZEX-00SRLA0). This one makes the same noise the other one did, but at a lower pitch. Video for anyone curious: I am pretty upset with WD at this point.
  4. Thank you for fixing that, not sure what I did wrong. Yeah, the first time I heard it, it really took me by surprise. Like I said, the last time I heard anything like that was a failing drive. I have not stored any data on it yet (the noise has made me too afraid to do so), so at least there's no risk of data loss. I read on the WD website that WD now replaces defective devices with "re-certified" ones - not brand new ones - in case of a warranty replacement... that is insane to me! But I guess I am stuck doing an RMA, since I doubt Office Depot would accept a return 5 months
  5. Hi everyone... long time LTT YouTube viewer, first time poster here. I bought a WD Black 2TB HDD (model # WDBSLA0020HNC-NRSN) new last November. I already had a SSD boot drive and a 1TB data drive, but I was starting to run low on space. I installed it just fine in the open 3.5" HDD drive cage slot. When the drive spins down, it makes this horrible noise (YouTube link, in case embedding doesn't work It does this whether I am shutting down (as shown in the video) or the computer simply stops accessing the drive. I have looked online, and it seems others hav