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    Homework Author


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    R5 3600
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    2x8 (16gb 3000 MHZ)
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    ASrock Radeon RX 5700 (non-XT)
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    Idek man
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    256Gb WD Green and 1TB SeaGate That i placed magnets on at some point.
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    Corsair CV650 or something
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    Some cheap monitor from viewsonic
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    Minimal-no watercooling because I'm broke
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    Bag o' trash
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    Nokia 3310

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  1. Hi, when I was adjusting my fan curve to keep my gpu temps under control I noticed that at idle the voltage 775 to 800 Mv. It would jump around all the time as well as the clocks, with them going from 6 to 80 mhz. Also, the VRAM frequency is 200 mhz. Is all of this normal at idle? (I kind of regret picking up an amd gpu with all this crap happening :/)
  2. For amd cards anyway, the asus tuf cards run really, REALLY hot and I wouldn't ever trust them.
  3. Although I did try to overclock once and the system restarted but that can be anything since my gpu isn't too well cooled it might have overheated.
  4. I have the CV650 and it hasn't caused a problem so far with a 5700.
  5. Hello, I'm kind of worried about my GPU's temps. They reach about 87c junction and 73c edge. Is this normal for an RX 5700 (non-XT)?
  6. Yeah, as FakeKGB said I meant if it gets broken by a bios flash and I'm way too scared to do it rn xd. The card I have is the ASrock Challenger but flashing it to an XT model might cause other issues aside from breaking or bricking it like the thermal output being too high for the cooler to handle. It gets very warm as it is. When I run heaven it goes to about 80-85 degrees celsius-yikes. Though my case isn't super well ventilated and I have just about the worst cooler design one. Also my room is warm so that might be another factor. I found the exact same card as mine just the xt variant on t
  7. Ok, thank you. I'm not really into bios flashing and I heard you can put it another GPU and flash your broken one so I thought I can put in my HD 7990 and flash the 5700 back.
  8. I want to get the RTX 3060 but as we all know it's out of stock everywhere. The RX 5700 XT has about the same performance and I know you can bios flash the 5700 to get XT performance. However, I'm intimidated by the idea of bios flashing and the idea that if I brick it there's no going back. I don't think my card (ASrock Challenger 5700) has a dual bios switch though, so is there any way to get it back if I brick it?