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  1. That clears things up why you think removing dislikes is a good thing Kisai, following the Dan Olsen line of thought. But consider this: dislikes aren't a measure of of the quality of a video, but rather how controversial something is, and YouTube comments are a worse form of feedback than a dislike. By looking at the most disliked videos by percentage, you can see that they mostly revolve around social or political subjects that generate some form of controversy. Since almost every video on YouTube has a >90% like/dislike ratio, the most relevant (controversial) videos on YouTube are those
  2. Summary The US Securities and Exchange Commission has filed a case against LBRY Inc., who are the company behind the LBRY decentralized network protocol. The case states LBRY Inc.'s sales of LBRY Credits (LBC) to third parties should be considered a digital security, alleging that buyers did so with expectation of receiving a return on their investment. This reasoning is based on the fact that LBRY owned the majority of LBC at the time of sale, and were expected to grow because they were a startup. Since LBC was not registered as a digital security with the SEC at the time