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  1. I have the latest stable A.50 version of the BIOS installed, there is an A6 version available but it is in beta, so when that is stable ill update it.
  2. Hello LTT community, I have a problem that occurs when I apply A-XMP on my first build PC, it crashes hard and sometimes without BSOD's. I was wondering if my RAM was faulty or that my CPU cant run 3600Mhz, heard that Ryzen 9 5900x can but on the website it says only up to 3200Mhz I ran a few tests and BlueScreenView: Bluescreen view resulted in MEMORY_MANAGEMENT and KERNEL_DATA_INPAGE_ERROR BSOD's, and the memtest86 results are: Version A.50 Release Date 01/15/2021 Bas
  3. AIO at the top Corsair H150i Elite Capellix, one rear fan Corsair LL140 all exhaust, and three fractal design fans that came with the case in the front as intake. PUMP header DC full speed and no Smart mode, fans in system 1 PWM smart mode on.
  4. Hello LTT folks, I experience these types of crashes with my first build: Ryzen 9 5900x MSI Gaming X Trio 3080 G skill trident Z neo 16GB 16 CAS MAG B550 Tomahawk Corsair H150i Elite Capellix Corsair RMX 850W 456.89 Driver NVIDIA installed. 10000000_2954749444746384_4031519277109495206_n.mp4 When I check the event viewer cant seem to find the right error, it states that it has been shut off incorrectly, or a bug check failed.
  5. I usually just turn off EQ and Surround, and set bass to 4DB, leave treble 0DB. Have you found your setting for music?
  6. Specs: Ryzen 9 5900x MSI RTX 3080 I've had a VIDEO_SCHEDULER_INTERNAL_ERROR BSOD once just when I updated the MSI 3080 to a new nvidia driver, so I dont know If i did something wrong building this PC but, everything works fine still. 10000000_2954749444746384_4031519277109495206_n.mp4