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    Mississippi, USA
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    Ryzen 3500x
  • Motherboard
    Asrock x570m Pro4
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    16gb Crucial Ballistix 3600mhz
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    Titan X (Pascal)
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    118GB Intel Optane
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    Seasonic 650w
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    Noctua all the way
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    iPhone 12 mini

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  1. Found a buildzoid review of that board-god tier VRM, solid buy
  2. Ah, it wasn’t very clear what you were referring to originally, I just assumed you meant RGB since that’s the common complaint
  3. Well, then pretty much any build list you put together now is useless
  4. Only if it’s cheaper and still features you want or cheaper and better VRM
  5. Quick question, do you have pre existing parts? Because I’m going off the Au pcpartpicker site and chose cheaper parts and I’m still exceeding 2k AUD https://au.pcpartpicker.com/list/g6Z9kX
  6. Aaaaand that explains the price and why you chose it, I got a Micro ATX board myself so I feel your pain-not too many choices in the smaller sizes there is a VRM tier list but for really in depth VRM reviews, buildzoid is the guy you go to
  7. Playing an esports game doesn’t require that much graphics horsepower and playing on low shifts the priority to your CPU over your GPU I’d spend more money going to a zen 3 CPU over RTX 3000-supply will be better on that front as well Even a 5600x will destroy a 3900x in gaming for pure frame count but since you are streaming(no idea the settings for that you will choose and no experience with that either) I would step up to either a 5800x or better to ensure you get both the core count you might need and FPS
  8. B550 is supposed to be a passively cooled chipset-even x570 has a semi passive mode now to eliminate the need for active cooling even without that fan, you’ll need some sort of heat sink I would imagine-just the bare chipset wouldn’t go well I would imagine unless you have a case fan blowing air across it having said that, I paid less for x570-any particular reason you desire that motherboard? Just curious edit: just thought of something-you could get a handsaw and saw the m.2 heatsink portion off and leave the rest attached with some sanding dow
  9. Not sure a prebuilt will have a GPU at that price range at all but otherwise agreed unless it’s a laptop, but they only laptops in that price range are kinda garbage no matter the specs on the side unless it’s a higher priced laptop that’s on sale-I’ve gotten decent laptops that way around that price point
  10. Oooooo, there’s a thought, I have X570 motherboard and noctua makes some pretty small fans-anyone care to wager how well replacing the stock fan with a noctua fan would go?
  11. Wasn’t there a video on short circuit about adding RGB to noctua fans? https://youtu.be/aEIEUMnoLNs
  12. Finally a way for me to completely noctua cool my entire setup without looking janky
  13. I’m sorry for your loss, there are services, I don’t remember the name, that will scan your emails and bring up a list of accounts you can see what accounts you can close that way if that’s your wish
  14. Knowing the scanning happens on device is far better than in the cloud i don’t even use iCloud tbh, I’m not terribly nervous about this as an iPhone user, I just think getting the low hanging fruit(pedos on Twitter) is a better use of time
  15. Just gonna jump in here and say there are plenty of articles about how ridiculously easy it is to find child porn on Twitter with accounts dedicated to the sharing of it why bother scanning phones when you got child predators shouting from the rooftops who they are?