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    I am a former arachnologist. I like tech because I heard about the world wide web. I'm on a mission to find the spider that made this web.


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  1. I haven't experienced an issue yet. It's just what my two roommates have reported, so I was waiting for it to happen again to test if I still had network connectivity. It doesn't seem like I can access that IP. What does it do? Interesting. This modem is a little over a year old, and I bought it at a stupid discount because it was factory refurbished. I'll definitely look into the defects you mentioned. I didn't think that my trusty coax cable could be "leaking." That seems like a good lead as well.
  2. Would connecting to the router and trying to ssh to a rpi suffice?
  3. I guess it could be, but my router is less than a year old. I never really considered that it would crap out.
  4. Hey all, I am having an issue with my network. It appears to totally drop every connected device (wired or otherwise) sporadically and for a period of about 5 minutes. My networking info: Router - TP Link archer A10 Modem - Aris Surfboard sb6190 TP Link EoP that supports 1200mbs. (I forget the exact model) I have Spectrum service at 200mbs. I have to use EoP to my office computer because of the layout of my home. I rent, so running cable an installing other access points isn't really an option. That being said, I have little issues on that front be
  5. I second this. It's not just specs though. It's the inane design decisions that not only kill repairability, but outright reduce the lifespan of the device. A great example is literally putting a heatpipe and spreader directly on top of the battery in the surface pro 4. Thus, cooking the battery and dooming almost all units to be a spicy pillow in about 4 years.
  6. Summary There is a known issue with the CMOS battery in the PS4. Not so much with the battery itself, but how the PS4 handles a dead battery. Essentially this event resets the internal clock of the PS4. By itself, this shouldn't be an issue; however, when the PS4 connects to Sony servers to award trophies, the internal clock doesn't match the date and time of the server. This would effectively render both digital and physical games unplayable if/when PSN stops supporting the PS4 . The latest revision of the PS4 firmware fixed this issue. Quotes My thoughts
  7. Thanks man! For some reason I could never figure out how to do that.
  8. I am not well versed in bash by any means, so forgive me if my question is obvious. I use brave as a browser, and I basically use incognito mode all the time. My problem is that as far as I know Mint, unlike windows, doesn't have an option to set brave to open as incognito by default. Could I write a script to open brave, open a new incognito window, and then close the other window?
  9. This is one of my all time favorite videos.
  10. Working on making my first game and chilling with some MF doom. There's something about his lyricism and beats that makes me wanna actually do stuff.
  11. My family lived in a townhouse for a while. We rented it, so drilling was a no go. Router was on second floor, and the office was on third floor. I had about 200mbs to my house, and like 120ish mbs at my desktop upstairs. It had dropouts randomly, but overall it was fine. If you get higher end gear that can support more bandwidth than you need, and you have half decent wiring, it isn't the worse solution. I had a decent hit to my over all speed, about 40%, but it was way better than buying a 50ft cat cable and running it along the stairs for someone to inevitably step on.
  12. The link you provided actually says that model comes with a NVME SSD not a HDD.
  13. No, that is just the limitation of the simulation we are in. The real world probably uses tertiary, or heck, even quaternary, code.
  14. I really hope this is a joke. Cool ranch CPU's are not what I want as a new doritos offering.
  15. The statement about collecting " Data necessary for law enforcement, litigation and authorities’ requests (if any)" is worrisome. My whole quarrel is Audacty has essentially given themselves a huge elastic clause as to what data they can collect. What data could an audio app need to report to law enforcement? It isn't like there is a plague of murderers dictating their crimes with audacity. I see this potentially being used in enforcing copyright complaints and such. Frankly, I don't want everything I record being scanned for any reason and reported to any government. That is why I am jumping