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  1. Bought some eBay cherry MX o-rings for my black switch CM Storm Trigger off e-bay, fit them on all the leter keys (plugging the keyboard out while I did), all done, I plug the keyboard back in and it stays dead. Restart PC has it still dead. Unplugging its USB cable gives its caps lock/indicators a faint red "blink" of its LEDs, then it dies again. Not really sure what to do. How could o-rings have caused this?
  2. "Your" CPU as in my CPU, is that the 3770k I'm thinking of, or? I do use OBS with the NVENC shadowplay encoder thing. I reckon good old CPU-based stuff still looks better but I can deal. As for that PSU, it's $100 more than the SeaSonic.
  3. Having re-checked some SLI results for WoW it seems that scaling is close to 80%.. Might be shooting for that second 660 Ti as we're looking at TITAN-780 Ti GPU performance with that. Only nasty thing is that a 660 Ti is the same price as a 770 unlesss I get some wacky version, but I do save $100 that way.. Wish I could save more though, because getting that second 660 Ti I'd still have to get a new PSU because this one is just shit (both on reviews + it's old, not gonna stuff new hardware in with this), AND a motherboard AND a Haswell processor and I simply can't fit that into the budget. I
  4. WoW has a pretty crappy SLI profile, doesn't scale very well at all and I'm more about "stable" play than max FPS (WoW is not particularly hard to run, it likes clockspeed lots and I'll be doing livestreaming on top.. Dunno if I'll do Shadowplay encoding for it or not tho). Also the reason I am getting a new PSU at all is that the current one is sort of dying. The "main" reasons behind the 3770k choice 1) Streaming likes hyperthreading. 2) WoW likes clock speed. 3) WoW is a CPU-bound game to start with, at least in 25-man raiding where I actually crave the performance - during raiding I a
  5. Well I already have the sound card - it's not a new build. I am upgrading atm: i7 2600 to i7-3770k (could go Haswell but that'd mean I have to buy a new mobo and bllerrhh) 660 Ti to 770 CoolerMaster GX750W to SeaSonic M12ii 620W I researched a bunch on the GPU brand, and while the Windforce OC seems to have a slightly better cooler, ASUS just seems like the most reliable/safest option out there and that's why I went with it.
  6. Well I ordered them a few hours ago so I don't think it's too late - what tweaks are they? XFX is $100 more, Rosewill is not a thing here, SeaSonic G is $40 more, Cooler Master is p.much the same price and looks pretty compelling for that price (almost too good.. dundundun?), it does look nice too, Idunno. EDIT: Live in Denmark btw so PSU prices are all over the place and don't make much sense at all.
  7. Yo - I'd like to know if this PSU: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817151095 can run these components, all pretty heftily overclocked. CPU: i7-3770k @ as high as I can get it. Cooling: H100i Mobo: AsRock Z77 Extreme4 RAM: Kingston HyperX Beast 16GB @ 2400 MHz (1.65v) GPU: ASUS DCU2 GTX 770 @ as high as I can get it. Soundcard: ASUS Xonar Essence STX SSD: Kingston HyperX 3k 120G HDD: WD Black 1TB Other PCIe: Some wacko wireless card. Fans: 2x 140 in front + 4x 120mm elsewhere. Not expecting to fully tax this system (WoW/Streaming machine) with 100% load on everyth
  8. It is OC'd yeah, but it never really gets utilized (I only really play WoW) and it's been running these for its lifetime and it has even been higher. http://puu.sh/7BWeP.jpg
  9. Lights/mobo still on, it's not the monitor shutting off it's just a black screen - I did double-check all the PCI-e connectors on the mobo and GPU because I thought something along the same lines. It hasn't done it since I put it back up after cleaning filter/pressing a little on the connectors (though they did not seem lose), I'll see about testing the GPU in my other rig though I somehow doubt it's the GPU messing up. Just seems weird that it'd work just fine playing games and whatnot only to spontaneously go crazy, then come back up just fine. /shrug
  10. Just did it again (again just YouTubing/hanging about), then decided to test for a good 2 hours with no PSU errors. Max CPu temp was 54c, max GPU temp was like 90c - I cleaned the dust filter and compresso-aired the GPU PCB but it worked fine through torture. It seems kinda random to me, any help appreciatied, got a $900 upgrade budget lying around and I'd like to know whether some of that should be a new PSU.
  11. Did for 2 mins and it didn't burn down. Heading to bed now and will do a longer test tomorrow.
  12. Me too, I'd like to be sure though. It's a pretty shit PSU and it's semi-old, served me well until now though, might just upgrade that to keep this system running... Not sure yet tho.
  13. Started just today while web browsing/chatting back and forth, my PC just decided to shut down (black screen) and the GPU fan went -nuts- (100% it sounds like, I can only take it to 80% by software and it's definitely louder than that). First time it did it restarted, then did it again and came back up without issue. (Nothing in Windows error event logs or anything either). 5 mins before writing this post it did it again, the screen remaining black while GPU was nuts till I hit reset and it came back up for me to write this post. Specs: CPU: i7-2600 (non-k) Cooler: H100i Mobo: AsRock Z77 E
  14. I'm 17 years old as of today.. Basically when I got the H100i and Z77 mobo (got em at the same time) I didn't actually -know- it was a non-K (this was initially a prebuilt 2600 + 560 Ti system), I just never realized it was not an overclockable CPU till I tried increasing the BCLK like a fkn retard and wondered why the PC froze at higher loads.. I thought the missing "K" in CPU-Z was just because it couldn't distinguish K from non-K, so that was a mistake of retard me. So I'm running a watercooled, non-overclockable Sandy Bridge processor on a fairly overclocking-branded Z77 motherboard. I'm r