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  1. It still shows 0.0 everywhere ,anyway that's still better than anything! Thank you very much for your help!
  2. I tried to find these settings in BIOS but i couldn't , only few options there is , nothing with CPU .
  3. It's while running,also i noticed that Value and Max in Open Hardware Monitor program is higher than it was before.
  4. It was all the time 3.4GHz no matter what i was doing and i saw significantly performance decrease while gaming.
  5. Before this happened in task manager in Performance tab it showed that CPU speed was 3.4.GHz .
  6. Hello everyone, it's my first time when im writing here,my english is not my first language so sorry for mistakes. I have a laptop. Asus GL502VMK. CPU is Intel i7-7700HQ. It's base frequency is 2.8GHz while Boosted it should be 3.8. I started gaming and game was running very poorly so i checked how my CPU is doing through this program. I have no clue why this is happening right now. What could possibly cause this issue? Thank you for the help.