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  1. A couple of us have had the same problem (discussed on the VAG topic). Given that it's happening when the card is idle I suspect it's the pump rather than coil whine, but I'm not sure if it's expected or not. It could be air in the pump so you may want to try giving things a little jiggle to see if that helps. If not, try make sure the pump is at the lowest point (no dips in the pipes) and set a couple of books under the back of your PC for a few days/weeks to give the pump the best chance of pushing any air bubbles out. No luck for me on these solutions yet but it's wo
  2. Yeah I also have a slight buzzing sound (even at idle which makes me suspect pump) so you're not going mad. But it's liveable so I wont complain too much.
  3. Ok I'll give you the breakdown for my 3080 Sea Hawk heading to the UK: Card: $999 Shipping: $70 VAT: 20% of card + Shipping: $214 Import tax: £124 Fedex processing fee for import tax £12 Total: $1284 + £136 So with delivery, import tax and 'fees' it's a bit above what MSRP would be on this card in the UK but much cheaper than scalpers
  4. Some notes for any UK buyers. Just got the bill for import tax on the sea hawk; it came to £124 + £12 'processing fee' (bloody fedex). Also if you're in the UK you'll pay VAT on shipping as well because we love taxes
  5. Rate for the UK was $70. Not sure if the EU will be different
  6. I'll just add to this that I believe LTT add VAT at checkout. When I changed my country to the UK it added 20% to the price. Playing with LTT store seems to show the tax depends on the country. Import duties may be a different matter though...
  7. Just signed up to say thanks. I'm officially a VAG now