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  1. Thanks! Up-and-running. Thought 32-bit was dead. Updated bios from A05 to A07....still no-go on the Xeon
  2. Holy h$ll it does! Making USB installer.
  3. Win10 has a 32 bit option?
  4. Trying to bring this XPS 200 back to life. During install I get the CPU not supported message for Win 10. I purchased a Xeon, iattached the sticker and viola no display and high RPM fans, so that was a bust. Looked around for the BIOS mod, but idk.
  5. Memo to LTT staff and Forum members: I recently purchased this worn out crusty laptop uncovering the perfect amount of thermal compound that we all have been shooting for. If you can get this much on your CPU and GPU with one swipe you have achieved thermal radiation greatness. :) Almost died when I found this. P.S. THIS IS A JOKE; DO NOT USE THIS MUCH!
  6. All were 1mm thick except one which was 1.5mm.
  7. Raised CPU core from the base of 1.2 to 1.40, 1.45 and 1.475 no luck.
  8. I set BIOS as follows: Advanced Clock Calibration: Auto Unleashed Mode: Enabled Active CPU Cores: Auto F10- Saved changes Reboot After long black screen I get "Enabling Unleashing Mode Failed"
  9. Recently bought an old computer for testing various computer components so I dont mess up my main computer. I read back in the day that some phenoms could be unlocked.. The mobo is an ASUS M4A88T-M LE (latest bios-around 2012) with a Phenom II X2 555. Tried several bios settings and it simply will not unlock the extra cores that others have found with this same CPU. Any help suggested would be appreciated...this thing is lethargic and nostalgic. Tried all the basic stuff like enabling unleashed mode and the other basic settings, i.e. all cores, disabling this core and maybe tha
  10. In my opinion you are on the right track by suspecting that video card. Best way of testing would be to put in another computer (maybe make a friend at school) and see if it causes problems in his/her computer. Mom, Dad, Uncle , Aunt, Cousin...some/ANY family member? The 690 is a power hungry GPU too it appears, so it is stressing the power supply almost to the same degree as the 780. To me this suggests PSU is not failing under a load. But, to be more sure and the fact you have the 690 on-hand maybe give the 690 a few days of gaming and see if any problems - constantly mess with
  11. Yes, do NOT EVER use your cooking oven unless you plan to throw it in the garbage afterwards. First thing is to try that video card in another computer. If you can't do this then try a different power supply.
  12. The parallel: No drivers it is better - with drivers it is worse. Seems when drivers are installed the card is optimized thereby utilizing more power and stress=fail/worse condition. I attributed my situation to a "cold" solder joint.