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  1. Well im pretty new to it so im trying to figure out a way to do things safely
  2. Sorry what version? Cinnamon?
  3. What version of Linux are you using?
  4. Hey, So I am aware duel booting isnt safe in terms of loosing important data however I want to duel boot linux mint and windows 10 safely so i can keep them both without loosing data. Is there any possible way I can do that? I wasnt sure if this would help however i can install both operating systems on different hard drives.
  5. So i think i have found a problem.. The computer wont boot with all sticks of ram When the ram in the second slot is taken out it boots when it has only 1 stick in it will boot. Is that to due with faulty ram??
  6. What should i test it on? Its got 4 gb ram now as i have the rest out
  7. Iv took out all 4gb ram sticks apart from 1 what should i try?
  8. Hey, CPU is GPU isnt No new hardware Nope ill try that Doing that now 650W Bronze I wasnt 100% sure on a supposed steady cpu temp as there were so many of the different temp. Edit: iv just opened speccy on boot and it says right now its under 30 degrees celcius Iv just opened a quick game of roblox and it bounces from 30 to 45 max 30 min later just on chrome its now at 30-35 degrees celcius Something i didnt want to do im installing fortnite and seeing if my pc can handle it Just in the lobby with 50 degrees celsius mi
  9. Hey, So I own a gaming pc and recently it has been blue screening and crashing on games and simple apps such as chrome hense why im writing this thing on my laptop. I have to edit a video with a due date of 6th april and my pc cant handle it as good as it used to when i got it. Specs: i7 - 3770K ASUS P8Z77-V PRO RX 570 4GB 16GB RAM ( 2-3 years old) If anyone could suggest anything it would be massively appreciated!!