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  1. Hello Piney Creek, From SimonFastEddy Dated: April 5th 2021 Thank you for your reply. I transferred the Rosetta at home work onto a system image using the same computer but running Windows 10 build 19042.867 instead of Linux Deepin 15.11. I found that it runs all the original tasks without computation errors on that Windows 10 Pro image. It looks like Rah is either fundamentally fighting Linux Deepin 15.11 or it just doesn't like the tasks which maybe are not configured for running on Linux. No way of knowing I guess! No problems sw
  2. Hello Piney Creek (From SimonFastEddy) I usually post on TenForums but I am trying Linux now.... Your post was a year old when I encountered it (March 25th 2020) and you may have discovered a solution to the computation errors in BOINC Rosetta at home. The Internet is full of similar posts. Did you find a solution? I am running Linux Deepin 15.11 and I am having the same high rate of computation errors. The tasks from drhicks, rb and 3cl are completed OK but those from sea_site, and tdp fail. I would say that it is a compilation error in some tasks