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  1. I checked, i had a spare 500w psu and pkugged it in but it still didn't work.
  2. I'll recheck everything tomorrow (1am here) thanks so much tho!
  3. Nope only the logo befire bios. Also only with the other cpu
  4. I bpught a cheap optiplex 7010 sff with an i7 3773 (because budgets suck) and slammed an 1050 ti in there... Worked perfectly for months. Until yesterday. It just shut down while playing and never turbs on again. NOW i have done multiple things to determine what the problems are. What I think the problem is that my cpu suddenly died. Checked some thread on Tom's hardware forum, helped nothing. So what I did to determie this is: Reseat and repkace Ram, Changed the motherboard (random one I had lying around), putting a diff graphics card, Changing the ssd with a different ssd and dif