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  1. Thank you so much, man. Really appreciate your response
  2. I recently came across this thread while looking for advice on how to build an optiplex sleeper. I wanted to buy a ryzen motherboard inside of my optiplex case 7010, but like him, i'm having problem with the power button. He says he used a jumper wire to connect the power button, does anyone know what that is and where i could find one? thank you to whoever responds My current build is a i7 3770 16 gb of ram cxm 650w 1660 super the i7 3770 has been good on most games at 1080 60+ fps, but i know eventually, it wont be. So im looking to upgrade to a ry
  3. Hey Man, I'm trying to do this with a dell optiplex 7010, but like you, im having problem with front panel connector. Could you tell me how you did it with jumper wire, and where you bought the jumper wire