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  1. Hi all, I've recently started having a strange issue with my system where all display output cuts out to both my monitors simultaneously, and without warning, and the only way to fix it is to switch off my system completely (ie. flip the switch on my PSU and wait for all lights on my mobo/gpu to turn off) and then switch back on the system, and even then sometimes that doesnt seem to work first try. It will run fine for a few hours, and then it will happen and the problem seems to be becoming more frequent. I've tried doing a clean reinstall of my graphics card drivers, switching
  2. after doing a little bit of research, i was curious as to wether the b450 will actually limit my memory speed at all? i found a good price on 16gb g.skill ripjaws 3600MHz, but the max rated memory speed for the b450 is 3200MHz? does this mean I'm limited on the memory speed i can use on this mobo?
  3. Yeah, I was ordering some new RAM when the motherboard question popped into my head actually. Currently have a pair of 3200MHz 8gb sticks on the way.
  4. Hi all, first post here. Late last year i upgraded to a ryzen 7 5800x, shortly after the 5000 series was released. I didn't realise at the time that my Asus Prime B450 Plus was not really intended to run the 5000 series processors, however i managed to get it working with a beta BIOS update that was released (in december i believe). I've been wondering lately if this setup is actually limiting my processors performance at all, and wether an upgrade to something like an x570 is worth the time and money. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Full system specs: Processor: Ryzen 7 58