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  1. You can blow out most of the dust with cans of compressed air and then a small vacuum cleaner. Sufficient amounts of it anyway. Most cans of compressed air come with pretty thin straw nozzles that can even go through the fan grills. Having proper ventilation with mesh filters (not too constrictive) is important too, for all internal components. In regards to warranty for opening up a PSU to replace a fan--think about what you are trying to accomplish and why. Is your argument just for academic purposes? If you are changing the fan to a quieter one, then you are tec
  2. Thanks, no I'm definitely not cross-using cables, unless it's certain that the pinout is identical to what it should be. So far I haven't found anything suitable =(
  3. It looks like I can't get the original cable from Seasonic at this point. I wondered if the 8 pin -> 4+4 pin CPU cable would be relatively standard, but looking at later Focus Plus and Prime models, the socket shape is different from that of the SS-1000PX model. Was there a known power supply based on the SS-1000PX series, using the same wire aarrangement and socket shape for 8 pin -> 4+4 pin CPU cable? P.S.: sad, checked my Corsair AX750 10-pin -> 4+4 pin CPU cable -- wrong socket shape, before even testing the pinout.
  4. I've written to Seasonic, they did point me to a store that sells individual cables for their CPUs, from the newest to older, but I'm afraid it's out of stock of the 4+4 pin CPU cable for my particular model. Checking with Seasonic what my options are.
  5. I'm not saying it's necessarily an issue--I don't have that cable to test. I'm wondering if it's an issue, if that's the cable I should try sourcing: 8-pin EPS at the base where it connects to the PSU into the 12-pin "PCI-E/CPU" socket to 4+4 pin EPS for the motherboard's CPU socket. If I can't get that cable from Seasonic, is there another PSU based on this platform with compatible cables, like some Corsair version?
  6. Which cable would you recommend for the following situation--native or an adapter: Power supply: Seasonic Platinum-1000 SS-1000PX Motherboard: ASUS Rampage IV Black Edition x79 with both an 8-pin and a 4-pin CPU sockets. At the moment only the 8-pin socket is connected, but an Asus rep on OCN recommended that both are used for more even power delivery for longevity. CPU is an Intel Xeon E5 1680 v2 with an overclock to 4.3GHz Here's the motherboard manual for motherboard power cable inputs: And this is the power supply's modular cab
  7. So did you double-check the liquid cooler tubes and where they connect to the CPU block? Any signs of leakage? Stuff on your top card seems suspicios.
  8. It’s hard to tell from these photos: did you find any signs of spilled cooling liquid?
  9. Electrical buzzing/coil whine from PSU can be normal. Some models minimize it to mostly inaudible frequencies.
  10. Ok that could be something to explore. Brand new CLC can still leak due to QC faults. Not infrequently the liquid lands on pci-e ports on the motherboard causing shorts.
  11. If you have Amazon Prime subscription, there are some great options with fast delivery. Assuming you can’t wait for the RMA process for the PSU. By the way, are you using a closed loop liquid cooler? Small leaks can cause electrical shorts and are not always obvious until looking closely.
  12. Did you use the cables that came with the PSU? Any extensions or adapters?
  13. What is the exact model of the power supply that you are using for this build?
  14. Super Flower Leadex III Gold is also very good. I think the Corsair is slightly better and quieter overall, based on Aris Mpitziopoulos' reviews of both on TechPowerUp.
  15. The Corsair will be very good. You should be set with that PSU. Many new reviews on it.
  16. Stock levels fluctuate, there's a bit of a shortage of good PSUs. The BQ! 850W exists, just out of stock at major retailers right now. B&H states expected stock on June 2nd. Corsair RM850X 2021 is in stock with free shipping here: https://www.corsair.com/us/en/Categories/Products/Power-Supply-Units/RMx-Series/p/CP-9020200-NA
  17. I would recommend those in my list over the NZXT. NZXT C850 is based on Seasonic Focus Plus platform, which is not great for Ampere cards.
  18. There are many good options sub $200: For example: Corsair RM850x 2018 and 2021 models MSI MPG 850W Enermax Revolution D.F. 850W Be Quiet! Dark Power Pro 11 850W
  19. I would get a 650W (or a 750W if there's a good deal on one).
  20. 850W is a good option. Preferably not the GA model, as it's had some issues with Ampere cards. Have a look at other PSUs in the A list from the thread pinned at the top of the subforum. What's your PSU budget?
  21. MSI MPG. Solid A, multi-rail for better over-current protection. Antec Earth Watts Gold Pro has a disclaimer on the tier list, and only pre 2018 is on A list, if I'm reading it right: "Antec EA Pro Gold has versions for Chinese market made by FSP on competely different, worse, group-regulated platform (tier D). Source #1, #2." But even if it's the A-tier one, I'd go for MSI MPG.
  22. It doesn't matter much for lower wattage power supplies.
  23. If you are going to buy a new PSU, do not get 550W for a 3070. At the minimum 650W. (750W even better.) I don't understand recommendations that give the bare minimum suggestion and don't realize that the 550W PSUs vary from model to model, not to mention they can be loud at high wattage and run hot (and have a shorter lifespan). I agree about looking at the tier list and also at good PSU reviews for any units you might consider to buy. And by good I mean ones with some internal component analysis and more measurements than just a quick table of load-efficiency values as some "reviews" do.