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    JoaoPRSousa reacted to brownninja97 for a blog entry, Day 8: The day i saw a man die.   
    Recalling the events of yesterday
    A guy was crossing the road at a blind corner, idiot teen came blitzing around it at what seemed about 60+mph. The man was dead instantly, i want to say that i was helpful in the situaton but i just froze, for about 20 seconds, no one knew what to do, after about 20 seconds i walked up the the guy to see if he was ok, i knew some of the pricks recording on their phones would call for ambulances anyways so i just wanted to see if this guy was alive. I checked his neck, chest and wrists, its scary to see someone with that much blood on them but also have no pulse. the driver of the car came running over about now, i knew there wasnt anything i could do, i just put the guy in recovery position thats about all i could do. The driver was crying like crazy, looking around at the crowd forming it was getting rather sure that this was a big accident.
    Im not sure if i was having some form of panic attack, i kinda felt a little off balance, this was a lot to take in and its not something you plan for, its not something which you are taught well enough about how you should react, I was forced to piece together random fragments of lessons that i had learnt in the past. Back on topic i notice i had a far bit of blood on myself, mainly my trousers and my hands, the cloths would have to go. Anyways the corsa which hit the man took some damage, sirens were already in the distance and people were arguing about what had just happened. I just wanted to go home.
    Ill tell you that afterthat coming home wasnt easy, my parents opening the door to their child with blood on them clearly wasnt a sight to behold, after some crying and recalling of details i resumed my daily routine. A man dies, yet the world carries on spinning, thats just the brutal truth.
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    JoaoPRSousa reacted to antoainb for a blog entry, Why the concept of "Zero fucks given" is false.   
    You hear it a lot, especially in threads related to Apple news and things associated with non-techies, but is it true? Well, you can pretty much exclude someone that posts a reply to a topic saying "I give 0 fucks" from the group "Gives 0 fucks" since that person clearly gave enough fucks to actually post a reply. Then there are the ones that only read the thread but don't post a reply, those aren't included in the group either, they gave enough fucks to spend their time reading the thread. And finally there are the ones that only read the topic's title, those also aren't in the group, since they gave enough fucks to read the title, even if just partially. So who is included in this group? The ignorants, only people that have no idea about something can give zero fucks about it.
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    JoaoPRSousa reacted to antoainb for a blog entry, Y U LEAVE? Q-Q   
    First it was TheNinjaNextDor, then Askew, then Vitalius, then helping and now terrytek and SAV1OUR. It saddens me to see people leave.
    Their reasons are good, Askew says he has lost some things in life because he was too distracted with LTT, SAV1OUR says he doesn't find the forum as enjoyable anymore without some of the members that left and he also says he needs to focus on school and exams that he has coming up, Vitalius also said that he want's something and stuff that's in the way (such as this forum) needs to go, helping also says he want's to find something better to do with his time and he also states that in his opinion he doesn't find much interesting content anymore and finally terrytek says he needs to do something better with his life. The only one who didn't say anything was TheNinjaNextDor.
    I get it, you have better things to do and the forum is keeping you from doing that. The people that leave will be missed because they made this forum what it is today, a helpful and nice community. When I made my first post here I also posted it on different forums but the reaction to it here was much nicer and made me feel like I was already part of the community for a long time. This is such an amazing community and it pains me to see very good members leave.
    Hopefully it doesn't go straight down-hill from here and we continue to be the best forum around (at least in my opinion we are).
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    JoaoPRSousa reacted to antoainb for a blog entry, The Pains of Being a Good Student   
    Ok, I'm a good student, I have good grades (>90% normally), behave well, etc. I'm the best student of my class, and that leads some of my classmates/teacher having wrong ideas about me.
    Yes, I'm a good student, but that doesn't mean that I'm freaking Wikipedia, ok? Please don't call me 20 times the day before a test, I'll help you, but when you start calling me 20 times along with other people it get's hard, I also have to study, remember that.
    If I'm a good student it doesn't mean that I only study, I have a life, ok teachers?
    Please understand that sometimes I won't want to talk during class, there is a reason why I get good grades, talking $*** isn't one of them.´~

    And those are only some examples. But that isn't the worst part, the worst part are all of the things that we go through with our parents/teachers and also the prizes some other kids get when they get grades far worse than ours.
    You do not understand why we get sad when I get less than 87%, I'll break it down. If we get 90%+ and then go to 87%, even if it might seem like a small difference it's like we failed a class. The teachers get disappointed, our parents get disappointed, it's like freaking hell. And then you see a kid that got a 70% and get's 5 freaking games (true story).
    While it's true being a good student can be very good it can also be very stressful. Just today I was super stressed because I was getting the results for a Math test and I wasn't so sure what I'd get, I ended up getting the best grade of the class, did I get anything? No, but I don't really care.
    P.S.: Pls no "hi" comments this time, ok?