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  1. Fed it as in put some fuel in the tank. I got some more today, hopefully I’m good for a few days. I had my suspicions regarding the fuel pump or everything in that system.
  2. It happened again today, low gas, no start. Fed it a bit, starts normally (after a few cranks). I’ll just have to keep it well fed and not on E all the time xD
  3. Damn. Never thought of the first two, thanks! I’ll see what I can do
  4. The E34 I bought has its share of issues, but this one I cannot understand. The car sometimes just flat out doesn’t start. Cranks fine, sometimes sputters the tiniest bit, but no start. I still haven’t had the gas tank with more than 20L, but I have a feeling giving it more fuel helps with it starting (has happened once, was probably very very empty tho). I did feed it a bit today but even then, it wouldn’t start. Cranks fine, but sometimes, it just refuses to start, not sure if it’s related to the spark plugs or the fuelling. Today, after giving it the measly amount of fuel that I d
  5. JoaoPRSousa

    Just started using the hide specific users sign…

    Nah, they just really need to be noticed
  6. Just started using the hide specific users signature and heck ya, time to never see flashy shit telling to quote and tag and mark as solved and whydduensicicroeooqozofijfje again

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    2. Spotty


      7 minutes ago, JoaoPRSousa said:

      Nah, they just really need to be noticed

      It's usually because they respond to a lot of new build & planning or troubleshooting topics, which are typically posted by new members who might not use the quote or tag function. They won't get notified if the OP doesn't quote/tag them and notifications are what draw a lot of people back to threads they've posted in. If they see "so-and-so quoted you in a topic please help me" they'll visit the thread again but without that notification they likely won't check back on the thread to see if the OP replied.


      Whether or not new people read peoples signatures... 🤷‍♂️


      You can also just turn off all signatures from the signatures menu in account settings if you don't want to see signatures at all.



    3. Bombastinator


      Signatures do tend to be written and forgotten.  Mine was a throwaway joke involving a deliberately mangled “Forrest gump” quote.  I should probably change or remove it.

    4. Moonzy


      9 hours ago, JoaoPRSousa said:

      Nah, they just really need to be noticed notified of a reply


  7. You wouldn't even fit in the trunk if you had to be thrown in there. What a waste. You know that people (read Americans) measure their trunk space by bodies... Come on Europe...
  8. As a wagon owner, I agree. Having more trunk space is an absolutely stupid idea and having the option to carry around big things inside a car that isn't massively oversized for absolutely no reason makes no fucking sense.
  9. Basically in Portugal the fuel type of choice is diesel. And here in Europe we make a lot of those. Diesel has always been the cheaper alternative and cars consume less, so it's a no brainer. Just so happens that you can remap them and get quite some power without sacrificing too much on the mileage. And people when focused on getting power also happen to delete the DPF and cats and the lot. Also happens that they don't tune the cars well because for them, making smoke is the shit. So, there's a lot of people here that buy old VAG hatchbacks/sedans/wagons with the TDI engines and remap them li
  10. Tell me you're not from Portugal without telling me you're not from Portugal.
  11. You have that everywhere. We have yearly inspections and you still see plenty of morons remapping their diesel shitboxes to hell and back making them spew smoke like it's a freaking coal powered locomotive (not far from the truth actually) and nothing done to their brakes/suspension (other than lowering springs IF NOT cut springs)/tires. And somehow they're still in the road, don't ask me how. It's not the country's fault but rather the people that do that.
  12. I've seen what a 525i E34 Touring is going for on BaT and holy heck, they're pretty pricey there now! Obviously, in Europeland, things are a bit different and these cars aren't that sought after, especially with the E30/6 craze. And I can't complain one bit, I've always loved the E34 and obviously the M50 too. Currently it's sitting in the garage waiting to be insured and I can't stop thinking about taking it out and just go for a spin around the block and stop outside to take another dose of simply looking at it and lusting over it.
  13. Pretty much just bought my dream spec first car for my first car. An E34 525i Touring, no VANOS engine, 5 speed. (ignore the red bubbles on the rear hatch, those were caused by the phone, need to reflash it) Interior and exterior wise it's far from being my dream spec, but I'll work on that. When buying used cars from 1992 you can't be too picky xD Black leather interior (actually in pretty good condition the interior, for a 400k km car), SUNROOF WORKS, 4 electric windows and the steering wheel's so big I feel like I'm driving a bus (not far from the t
  14. It's timestamped on a Finasteride related question but the whole video is relevant I guess
  15. Damn, this is some top quality bait. Anyway, upgrade your GPU LMAO
  16. If you're keeping it, definitely take a look at the bushings and bearings. Replace what needs replacing and some more, never a bad idea to refresh what's growing old.