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  1. @1ppOverheat @Moonzy ok I will download DDU then and see if that sorts it I will let you know if it works thanks guys I appreciate the help.
  2. @1ppOverheatyeah it’s greyed out for me. I didn’t even know this all existed. I should have just stuck to an Xbox lol @Rybo so I can’t see anything next else written on my graphics card. @Moonzy ok so what is DDU? And could it have been the update to my drivers that’s caused this problem with my gpu? And if I did nothing (which I’m not planning on doing I would definitely to sort it because it’s kind of annoying tbh) would it damage my graphics card?
  3. @1ppOverheat so yeah your right I have no idea what I’m doing with this kind of stuff I ordered this pc to be custom built a about 2 years ago and had no problems with with it until i downloaded an update for my drivers through the GeForce app as a friend told me I should update my drivers. I have no idea if that’s what might have caused this problem or not? When I ordered my pc I won’t lie I had no idea what I was really looking for I just kinda knew that at the time a 2080ti was a good graphics card and a i9 was a good processor so like a fool I kinda just chose them. For example I didn’t ev
  4. @Moonzy oh right didn’t even realise I had to do that I’m so new at all this stuff uhhh so It’s a GeForce rtx 2080ti is that the type of card? I’m still learning all this kind of stuff so you’ll have to forgive me I feel like an old man trying to use a smart phone for the first time
  5. So It will just happen randomly or what feels like random but it always and only happens when I’m playing games never when I’m just watching YouTube or Netflix for example
  6. Hello I have a problem with my 2080ti it only happens when I’m playing games but basically it will run normally for a while but then every 5 min or so for about 15-30 seconds it gets insanely loud and sounds like it’s working really hard then slows down to a normal sound and then after 5 min for 15-30 it will do it again does anyone have any idea what’s wrong with it and how I could fix this problem?