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  1. I'm planning to change the PSU after a while to a full modular since I'm having a problem with my cable management. I can't try to change my PSU as of now since I don't have a spare PSU to test with. So I don't really know if it's a PSU related issue or not. I could try. I always use those 2 monitors since I started to work and stream. BTW, the issue doesn't appear before as I use my first monitor with 75hz refresh rate.
  2. It's a Cooler Master MWE550 Bronze Tried to DDU over and over again, even removed the PhysX something in the option. Same problem. I don't even remember how many times I've used DDU this week just because of this "bug". The only decent driver I've installed is the older ones. (version 442) which I didn't have a problem for a long time. While installing new driver from the website gives me a hard time since after installing it, after an hour or 2, same "bug" occur. Regarding in the motherboard, I've already changed my motherboard. From ASUS TUF B450M Pro-
  3. Hi All, While watching Twitch livestreams today, I noticed my Google Chrome got into a weird state that I cannot click another tab. Tried to right click into the desktop and the NVIDIA Control Panel is missing. I'm trying to restart the system but it stays in the desktop and can't restart the windows. Can't also shutdown. My mouse is fully functional but I cannot open new programs or anything. All I can do is to close some opened programs, but can't do any other actions. I tried to restart windows explorer but no luck, it makes the situation worst.
  4. Yes. no BSOD or anything. Just a clear freeze. I've checked the DMP after I forced shutdown it. no new DMP file pops up in the folder. It's just weird since every logs of error should be there.
  5. Nope. Never tried to overclock my GPU even once.
  6. All of the drivers are update as of now, except for the GPU. I'm having a problem with Nvidia's latest drivers for 1650 super. I don't exactly know but whenever I tried to use hardware acceleration for my browser then play some videos from youtube or any video sharing sites, my PC suddenly come from a state of weird freeze. The task manager says -1% video decode and encode, can't close any opened programs, and shutdown / restart won't work. (event CTRL+ALT+DEL won't actually work)
  7. Thanks! After checking again, my PC is running smooth again in Apex Legends. I just thought it might cause another issue in my PC that may be a bigger problem in the future. Since this isn't the first time Live Kernel Event pops up in my reliability history list. Another question, is memory XMP might also cause errors like this? can it also cause freeze in PC? Thanks!
  8. Hi, While playing Apex Legends a while ago, my PC suddenly freezes while trying to load the map. At first, I thought it's just flashing load or something. But after 2mins, it's still the same and tried to force shutdown my PC. After checking my reliability history, some hardware error listed as seen on the image below. My PC Specs: R5 2600 ASrock B450 Steel Legend Gigagbyte GTX 1650 Super Cooler Master MWE 550 Bronze Can I ask what's the usual cause of this? Thanks!
  9. Will eventually get it since it's still under my store's 1 year warranty. But will sell it to a friend, of course, for cheaper price. I'm thinking now if I should go with full Gigabyte components since my GPU is Gigabyte.
  10. Hi all, I need help in deciding which B450 motherboard should I go with but not spending too much. I'm previously using ASUS TUF B450 Pro-Gaming but got broken in less than a year. (My PC didn't boot again after several retries) I'm looking for a good alternative and while searching online, got 3 that really caught my attention. My choices are: 1. Aorus B450M since it has a lots of ports and got a 3pin RGB header 2. MSI B450 Gaming Plus Max since it has LED indicator for errors 3. ASRock B450M Steel Legend.
  11. Update on my problem: After a few tries, I able to turned on my system unit and running. But after a few seconds upon entering in the bios, my system suddenly restarts again. After restarting, my system would only boot until ASUS TUF logo (that's before entering bios) then will try to restart again. After that, the system would only light up the RGB fans but no display at all. No RGB light up on keyboard and mouse too. Kindly need help. It's really frustrating.
  12. Hi all, I'm using my PC just a while a go then my PC suddenly restarts. After trying to restart, windows automatic repair suddenly shows up then it restarts again. Then diagnosing windows suddenly shows up, after a few seconds, it turns off then on like something is trying to cut its power. I didnt't able to see what it's trying to repair. I turned it off by pressing off my power supply. Then I tried to boot it and check my bios. Then after a few seconds, it suddenly restarts again. But this time, the lights are still on in my system unit but the RGB lights
  13. Yes I only use 2 sticks of RAM. I forgot to mention. My ram is in slot 2 & 4 as specified in the mobo's manual and it's booting properly Just out of curiosity, I tried to reposition it into slot 1 & 3 and it just doesn't boot in those slots. Should I just stick to slot 2 & 4 since it's the "standard" way of putting ram if I just use 2 sticks? I forgot to mention too that I've tried to used 4 sticks of ram and it just doesn't boot up. Same situation when I tried to stick my 2 rams into slot 1 & 3. RGB fans lights up. Then
  14. Hi! I just recently changed my Rams due to the fact that they are now faulty and my PC won't boot up because of it From using Avexir core 2x8 to Dark ZA 2x8 kits However, I just placed it on slot 2 & 4 and it works perfectly fine. Then I tried to switch it's position to slot 1 & 3 and my PC won't boot up The problem is whenever I try to switch it on, the RGB would light up then it would suddenly turned off light something is cutting up it's power source. Then it would light up again without me trying to open up the system. I tried to config