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  1. my pc has a plastic window so you can see inside but you cant see the power supply
  2. uhh no not really again ive never really done anything with pcs besides little things like putting in new fans
  3. thank you for the help and it freezes when im playing games or doing simple things like just watching youtube sometimes itll freeze while i have nothing open aswell
  4. well im pretty sure the warrenty is still valid but if i gave it to them to fix they've already said that they dont know whats wrong with it
  5. ok so im not really a pc expert but how could i give you all the details about my pc aka specs and such?
  6. so i got my pc 2 years ago around april while i was in hospital, my mother took a loan out and bought me a pre built pc for my birthday, i had wanted a pc for so long and i got one and i would have built it myself if i could have but i soon realised that the pc wouldnt stop freezing i played my games or just watching youtube itd freeze and i had no idea what was causing it and it had 8g's of ram so i thought that might have been it and its 16g now but nothings changes ive gotten a new graphics crad which i didnt need because of my mother and now 2 more fans because it might have been an over h