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  1. What gets me is not novices per se, but people who actually work in IT, or for software companies, but know almost nothing about computers. At one company, a software QA tester didn't know that you could use e-mail on a Mac. She thought Windows was required to do e-mail, and that Macs were relatively crippled and lacked basic functionality, like the ability to send or receive e-mails. This was maybe 2005, when Macs were somewhat more rare than today. She didn't understand how e-mail works, and maybe thought it was application-locked or dependent, like how you needed Word to work with Word docs
  2. Yeah, you can definitely get viruses from video files. It's probably one of the easier ways to embed exploits compared to other files. Videos are luxuriously fat for a virus or trojan. It would be hard from YouTube literally, since it's usually just streaming, not downloading files, and it's unlikely that YouTube would have any viruses in their content and not know it. But people download YouTube videos sometimes, especially with the aid of browser extensions designed for that purpose, and there's another vector – browser extensions can be malware. The grandmother might have been u
  3. Chiming in a couple of years later for the record. That's a bizarre response. A person might always decide that experimenting with a different OS is worthwhile, especially for something like a NAS. The "whole point" of buying a NAS is not going to be a universal singular thing like not wanting to configure an OS. Different people will have different goals. For example, a NAS can be attractive just for being an inexpensive way to get the hardware, a multiple-drive bay device in a compact form factor like a 1U rack or the compact desktop NASes. General purpose rack servers are expensive