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  1. I'm going to buy a 5600x for my PC. Should I water-cool my pc (if yes, which one would you recommend?)
  2. Actually, what I want is only one monitor. I know some tv's that can do 4K/60hz, but if use 1440p, you can use 144hz. That is what I want
  3. Does anyone have any suggestions for monitors that can make 4K/60hz and 1440p/144hz.
  4. I actually just know Corsair and NZXT for PSUs, so I don't know if the suggestions are good or not
  5. I'm going to buy a 5600x with a 3060 ti, but I don't have an idea for psus. Does anyone have a suggestion? I wanted with 650w or 750w.
  6. Actually, I don't care too much about the case. The brand doesn't matter to me. Thanks anyway
  7. Yeah, cases are the part that have a lot of options. So, I will probably pick the least expensive one when I buy. I'm doing this build but I will probably just buy it in the end of the year. I'm targeting the PS5 first. I won't overclock anything in this pc. I'm scared of doing something wrong and damage my computer.
  8. I could find many articles saying if the 5600x stock cooler was good, so I put this Cooler Master one because I saw good reviews of it.
  9. Actually, I was looking for the FE. Asus and Gigabyte are my options if I don't buy the FE.
  10. I saw the Austin Evans' 2021 build on his channel. He used the same case and psu that I put in this build. But knowing youtubers, it probably isn't that great.