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  1. So if I choose the performance it's not going to void my warranty right? If that's the case I'll leave it open for now and maybe lower some values later.
  2. Found something(my motherboard is an Asus Prime H510M-K). I got into the BIOS and looked around. By default the option Asus Performance Enhancement was enabled.... So the final question is: Do I leave it enabled for max performance when doing some heavy tasks or should I disable it for lower performance but safer temp? Scores are Asus Performance Enhancement enabled: 4605 Asus Performance Enhancement disabled: 3372
  3. Hello guys, thank you for all the help! I did change cooler once I saw your messages with one we had in the storage and it helped a lot. Cooler is something simillar to Noctua NH-U12 but mine is no-name Chinese cooler. I think my Arctix will help even more because I used the included thermal paste which is probably low quality. These are the numbers after running the Cinebench R20 3 times back to back. Also, why does it say CPU Package Power > 208W Maximum? Is this right?
  4. Hello. I am new here and I have a question. I recentry upgraded my work PC to I7-11700F. I used the stock cooler and didn't change anything in BIOS except the Resizable BAR and VT option. Is this normal? The temps seem extreme. This happened during importing a new catalog in the Lightroom)some thousand photos ~4k).