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  1. i think dell servers is the way im going to go
  2. Some of the reason i am doing this is to get experience with Enterprise Server management and Getting to know how to build and run these systems.
  3. Im not looking for specific space, Just something that can hold alot of drives. And for the performance servers here is what i have been looking at, PowerEdge R820
  4. I have been looking at some Cisco equipment, Im just not sure as to what is essential for this setup.
  5. I to know about the conditions that these systems need to be run in. I do have a cooling solution planned. I already own Safety equipment such as Signs, Extinguishers, ventilation and a secure room.
  6. I have been looking into building my own home lab for some time. I am after some help / guidance with this. I am looking to do a full setup with a server rack, Networking Equipment and Servers. For the servers im looking for some with alot of power (ram, cpu) and also some just for storage solutions. Im looking for a full server rack as i would like lots of room to install more equipment in the future. I need to know what sort of gear i would need to get this running, Switches, Patch panels, Routers, Cabling, Cable management, Servers.. and so on
  7. These sort of items do not come cheap. If you want some fancy cabling get ready to pay up
  8. its always fun getting things down under
  9. That is a problem solver right there. i might have to get myself one of these.
  10. Seeing that your from Australia. http://www.pccasegear.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=19_1424 This place is great, I get all of my gear from here. They do the best packaging
  11. That's all i can suggest. I mean it doesn't look great using this method but you need good airflow. make sure you keep the dust cover on though.
  12. this is a common issues for this case, I have one myself. My hard drives do start to heat up if there is not good enough air flow through the front. So what i do is just leave one side of that front panel unclipped. So it has more air intake. Most of the time i just leave the front panel off, as i need alot of air flow.
  13. If you can run those games with those settings, There is something wrong.
  14. Just if you didn't know, The Corsair H105 73.0 CFM Liquid CPU Cooler Comes pre applied with thermal paste.
  15. goto telstra dude. its great Where in aus do you live?
  16. Go for a 4770K with that cooler. If you are going to get the cpu you have listed the cooler is not needed. You can get the 4770K @ 4.5 Ghz +
  17. You wont be able to build a gaming pc for that amount of money, you would be able to play some games like flash games, facebook games n stuff. I would save more money to build a better compter.