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  1. Well after getting the 240x120mm rad i realized the removeable shelf on the front of the case is necessary for mounting the psu. So i took the chromax black 92mm fan off my noctua low profile cooler and slapped it in with the cheap 92mm radiator and 1/8" neoprene rubber strip on the top and bottom. Success! It fits like a champ and has room for the PSU to swing out. In other news, my CNC mill is on the way and i cleaned out the old closet to fit up a $15 Ikea enclosure. I intend to use the mill with a high volume, low pressure flood system for chip clearing and cooling while cutti
  2. Im a real kid in a candy store, i got the new R10 chassis and stripped it down to bare metal before i realized i should snap some pics! I decided its time to go pro with this bad boy, when you get the R10-12 chassis stripped down your mind will revel with the possibilities! My new gameplan, we are going full 240mmx120mm rad in the front (exhaust), keeping the 120mm stock AIO on top (exhaust), putting the beefcake 1amp stock fan in the bottom along with a partner ML120 Pro (intake), blocking the rear mesh, 3D printing removeable filter element, and mounting the reservoi
  3. I actually had a few issues with this original setup, to answer your question i cut out the middle to fit a 100mm copper plate and painstakingly filed the aluminum heatsink (i think it was intended for LED light) to fit flush with the copper plate. Then i soldered the two together (very difficult, had to preheat with a torch) with some lead free solder and honed the bottom down with a diamond knife sharpener. I ended up going for a third iteration, which is watercooled, by simply attaching a peltier style 80mmx80mm water cooler to a 1/4" thick aluminum plate. The thread for that is below. My f
  4. UPDATE: i was finally able to acquire a gutted Dark Side of the Moon R12 case (fantastic on two levels because i hate the white case i was forced to buy) on ebay, cost $230 with no CPU or GPU, but hey, science! Should arrive in a day or two and we can start cutting and fitment for the real deal. One thing to note, a 92mm RAD and Standard Thickness fan will barely fit in the upper HDD tray, however you will not have enough space for the lines to run past the PSU. The solution is grabbing a 14mm thick Noctua fan and some M3x20mm (if using fan guard) OR M3x16mm (if not us
  5. i wouldnt worry about replacing the pads on the GPU side of the card, jsut hit the area around the GPU (where the two stickers are, remove and wipe adhesive with isopropyl alcohol) with some thermal paste and reassemble. that allows the VRM on the gpu side to get contact with the heatsink and believe me, it works! (confirmed with two 3080s and a 3090). The thermal paste on the plate mod was a godsend for my 3080s, not too noticeable on the 3090 though. The VRAM on the backside of the 3090 is whats cooking, you can do a few things to improve back side (all required bumping card to l
  6. Im having some trouble finding a 6" or longee piece of aluminum 1/4" BSP (g1/4) threaded pipe to extend the reservoir out the top of the case. I could nab a BSP to NPT adapter, but im trying not to mix metals here (most are brass, iron, or stainless) Any suggestions?
  7. But anyone can make this! And dont forget to add the high performance coolant:
  8. Tired of cooking your VRAM? Going for that dont give a @$#! look? Heres what you need: 1. 1/4" Aluminum plate - two for $26 https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B08P3SFYX5?psc=1&ref=ppx_pop_mob_b_asin_title 2. Thermal Epoxy - $17 (or get a buddy to do a quick TiG weld for you!) https://www.amazon.com/your-orders/pop/ref=ppx_yo_mob_b_pop?_encoding=UTF8&gen=canonical&lineItemId=mirgtrpnkmtsqny&orderId=112-5168276-7370668&packageId=1&returnSummaryId=&returnUnitIndices=&returnUnitMappingId=&shipmentId=DxSW1Gwr8 3. Peltier
  9. Then the effect is complete! Yea its 50/50 Peak Antifreeze. Seriously though i think i have a way to cram all this in the box, just cant afford much down time with ETH the way it is at the moment
  10. Finally....done....thank god it still works. For those interested, temps hover around 98c now, still not great but it doesnt thermal throttle anymore. Lesson learned: just sit a fan on top of the stock backplate and bump the GPU down for same results
  11. This probably voids the warranty, but i got the fans fitted up for when the ML120s arrive
  12. Whilst i wait, gotta make room for the two Corsair ML120 pros for induction. Its not easy getting the bottom off, prepare to cringe constantly if you attempt