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  1. I seem to have fixed the issue, thanks for the help anyway.
  2. I’m pretty new to computers so I don’t really know what that means
  3. Hi, so today my headset I can only hear out of the left side, I’ve tried it with about 4 different types of headsets, any ideas on how to fix it?
  4. ive bought an i7-9700k and z390 mpg pro gaming carbon 16 x 2 gb ram 3200MHz currently running off a GT 710 since GPUs are crap to get hold lf
  5. Is there like a 650W you can get for that price?
  6. Hi, so I’m planning still on making a PC, but I’m still looking for a decent power supply that has enough wattage, for around £50-70 pounds.. if anyone has any suggestions please tell me
  7. seems logical, do you suggest any type of good ones but not too expensive? <£30?
  8. (Sorry if this is in the wrong section) As stated in the title, I recently just bought an i7-9700k and the Msi MPG Z390 GAMING Pro Carbon, I’m just curious if a CPU fan designed, well stated is compatible with it, since my current motherboard is AMD and i don’t even know if it’s compatible with my current one, I’ll state a link down below. I can’t really afford to buy £30 CPU Fans, ive already spent around £400 on them two parts, and with my RAM arriving shortly. Any replies would be appreciated, thanks!
  9. Thanks for the help everyone! Means a lot:
  10. Thank you! For the second one, would 2666MHz RAM be compatible?
  11. My budget I’d say is around £100-£150, but I can stretch maybe go £180.