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  1. fully up- to- date xubuntu install just used display app using hdmi and vga on and old small tv and a dell monitor
  2. i seem to have managed to solve it.... not sure how.... but its now working
  3. i am trying to use 2 monitors in my linux config I want to use 1 in portrait orientation and the other as normal but anytime i try i get issues like crashing freezing one monitor scrambles or icons and taskbar on wrong screen any ideas?
  4. i have been asked to repair a broken Geoflex 110 laptop it has a cracked screen and for the life of me i cannot find the correct replacement panel i was wondering if anyone here might know where i can source a suitable replacement unit?
  5. well thank you for being so wonderful and helpful and not even slightly passive aggressive with someone who just wanted a little help and advice and healthy discourse on the merits of certain business solutions involving mobile computing
  6. that much was obvious lol i was considering just doing most of what i could on my samsug A20e tbh but thanks for the feedback
  7. thanks, yh i guess but i wanted to spitball ideas with some well informed people as to what would be a suitable solution, so i came here
  8. well i'm not sure about budget yet as i am waiting to find out about qualifying for new enterprise funding wanted ideas as to what minimum needs for a jobsite laptop in this area might be, ideally i dont want anything too bigto carry to jobs
  9. I am starting my own business doing PC cleaning, Maintenance, and recycling (plus a few other things with computers) and i am looking for advice as to a good laptop to buy to have on hand when out on jobs (and possibly ideas on handy software to have) i have a basic page on facebook (@adpccustoms) and would appreciate ideas and suggestions
  10. Managed to get an ok picture of the board
  11. wow quick response! thanks! i dont really think i will be using it so will probably flip it it actually has the cpu and cooler on it too
  12. i recently salvaged some PCs destined for landfill one i repurposed into my daily driver the other was stripped and the old case recycled as it was very old/beaten/dirty now this is the part i am needing help/advice with, the motherboard, best I can tell it is an ASUS A8N-SLI but a sticker on the parallel port(?) says A8N-SLI-EAYZ. I have googled both and do not seem to be able to find an exact match nor can I determine whether or not this is a decent mb i.e. should i keep it and use it in a build or sell it on or just trash it? Any help/advice would be appreciated