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    Ryzen 9 5900x
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  1. i mean i did ask if this is a meme post since most people who are in this community already know that they are not compatible but sometimes some people come in here to ask for herlp so i guess this could be non satire
  2. i used a random program that solved the discord installation, it also repaired the youtube and download problem for both discord and firefox so i can watch youtube and use the computer to it's full potential now Thank you brob and also Auslogics Trouble Shooter for solving my computer problems
  3. I tried it on both Microsoft edge and google chrome, I couldn't download anything. I tried installing firefox but neither of the browsers allowed me to, it just crashed the download everytime. At least the youtube issue is sort of solved now, the remaining issue I have now is with the bbrowser sand installing things
  4. but like, some things doesn't even want to download and google is totally dead for me
  5. already did, i have all the installs done. It has a green check mark saying everything is completed. Does my problem have to do with the browser in some way?
  6. So i downloaded a bunch of missing drivers with the help of WinZip Driver Updater and youtube is sort of working now. When i start up youtube it's just gray but when i refresh it works, when i press a random video it goes into the video but nothing is interactional so i can't start or press anything else, when i refresh again it works and i can press to play the video but once i start the video it's non interactional again so i have to refresh if i want to pause it. I think my pc is on crack at this point ;o;
  7. right now i am using everything at auto since the system thinks it's unstable when i make it go faster, and the browser sort of works. When i search for things they allways shows up, well not always since sometimes it just says error then i reload the site and it works again but video players are totally dead including downloading for alot of things. I noticed that i couldn't download discord and that all it said was installation failed but when i download steam i have no problems at all. And sort of works on this forum. I can go into the site and check out the posts but i can't log into
  8. thx, it solved the boot problem but now, i just have the Youtube and download problem
  9. i tried running it at auto, with manual and with d.o.c.p settings and it did nothing, also yeah, the boot order is correct it just says. "CPU Fan Error, Press F1 To Run Setup" when i start the pc so that's cool. I have a aio cooler and i tried plugging in the fans connected to the aio to the cpu fan header but nother changed during boot, it still said cpu fan error :/. Every fan is working.
  10. at this point i might aswell just reintall everything yeah
  11. allready tried running ram at both 4400 and 3200 but it said that the system is unstable then