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  1. Thermal performance isn't the issue; it's the adhesion strength. I want something that is easily applied and has enough strength to hold a basic cooler for testing but won't risk damaging the part due to repeated stress of application and removal.
  2. See here for a direct link to when the pads are used: I'm curious as to how they compare to generic thermal tape. This is what I've been using when I want to add a thermal interface by with some added tolerance: I had a recent experience where I the CPU die ripped free of the package substrate when removing the heatsink due that had been attached with thermal tape due to the stress of repeated application and removal during testing. I've ordered IC Graphite Thermal Pads for use in the future but these are expensive and I'm interested
  3. I'm using "High Speed" cables that are 10FT in length. The monitors are only 1080p so this should be more than sufficient. These are my exact cables: https://www.upcitemdb.com/upc/879565100131 Swapping out the cable for another brand did not help.
  4. I bought a stock Radeon RX 6900 XT direct from AMD (reference cooler, etc.). My monitors are ASUS VG245H which supports FreeSync. The Radeon has 2x DisplayPort and 1x HDMI outputs. The monitors have HDMI-input ONLY-- there is NO DisplayPort on this monitor. FreeSync works on the two DisplayPort outputs but I have to use an HDMI->DisplayPort adapter because there is no native DisplayPort on the monitor. If I connect to the HDMI port the video card then FreeSync is not enabled and shows as "Not supported" for this monitor despite the same monitor working fine on the other DisplayP
  5. Linus is doing the gaming community a solid by putting in this kind of effort at all. I consider it a gift that someone like Linus is stepping up to do this kind of thing when there is so much price gouging by scalpers and retailers. Hardware sales have razor thin margins and given the time and investment needed by his staff to handle the inventory, repackaging, and shipping, plus the accounting process to handle VAT and tariffs, and then international shipping on top of that, I would argue that this first attempt at hardware sales will be more of a break-even or even a loss with t
  6. I respect LTT. They're a successful media company and Linus is fair and reasonable. There is no way they would do something like this just for subs.
  7. Have they given any information about what cards will be available? I can't fit anything longer than 11" in my case. And even then I have to insert the video card at an angle with metal-scraping-on-metal it get it to fit.
  8. Thank you so much. I just found that it was delayed after looking into this some more. I just search for "the wan show" on YouTube and had it sort by most recent. They do talk about it being delayed: Thanks for the confirmation. I may have a chance yet! \o/ I'll have to try my best to catch it soon after it happens. My phone has a problem with dropping from WiFi and I don't get notifications unless I turn it on and fix it. I managed to get onto one of Newegg's "Shuffle" lotteries. My name got pulled and the e-mail arrived
  9. I learned about this from watching the clip "LTTstore is Selling GPUs..." video on YouTube: At the end of the stream they suggested that I subscribe and to stay tuned for details in about a week. I subbed and hit the bell and have been watching for an update. I saw new videos released but nothing more about the program. When looking at this more closely today I realized that it's not the WAN show that's published here but just small clips from it, hence the channel "LMG Clips". The description links to the original video which was posted a w