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  1. Was there a particular reason why Corsair worked with Seasonic on AX?
  2. Silverstone SX1000 review (Tom's) I wonder if this PSU will be able to fully support the RTX 3090
  3. https://shopee.ph/Cooler-Master-MWE-GOLD-650-V2-650W-80-GoldCertified-Non-ModularPower-Supply-Unit-(MPE-6501-ACAAG-U2)-i.25952313.9228980246 https://www.lazada.com.ph/products/bitfenix-formula-gold-650w-80-plus-gold-standard-atx-power-supply-unit-i1724264108-s7437094493.html?search=1&freeshipping=1 https://www.lazada.com.ph/products/ps-tpd-0650fnfagu-2-thermaltake-toughpower-gf-650w-80plus-gold-apfc-fully-modular-power-supply-i1876932002.html
  4. They were made by CWT, a great OEM, and designed by a clever engineer. Can you provide a link to the store where you will buy the PSU?
  5. Focus GM seems to be the best choice in the list. Are there any other options not on the list? Efficiency is just efficiency, but yes. Buying a high-quality PSU is meaningful.
  6. HKC also has a factory in Vietnam? As Jonny said, the new GF1 is made in Vietnam, so it looks like it's made by CWT. But I also doubt why they changed the modular configuration.
  7. I think no matter what they do, they won't read it and take it off right away. Maybe they post a negative review of "Why are there so many of these damn annoying stickers?"
  8. Dual forward PSUs don't like transient response, so when the GPU is heavily loaded, the transformer will make a coil whine. It's harmless except that it can be annoying, and the CV650 should be able to handle the 2060 perfectly, at least because it includes DC to DC.
  9. The 850W and 1000W use the same platform, only a few parts are different.
  10. According to Aris' review(TPU), it's a pretty good unit.
  11. The sound of the relay. This is very normal
  12. 2021 is probably better because it uses better bearings.
  13. Regarding the fact that the Hong Hua fan used in the Seasonic is a rifle bearing. Is there any source that the fan used in the RMx (Maybe NR series) and the Honghua fan used in the Seasonic are the same? I am confused because I am ignorant of cooling fans. Does the fan used in the AX use a different bearing? How are Hong Hua fans promoted as FDB different from 'real' FDB fans?
  14. Coolenjoy's MWE Gold V2 1250W review It looks like a pretty attractive unit. The price in Korea is about 220000 won($197), which is quite cheap considering W. I have no idea about the fan, but...
  15. Can you tell me more about this?
  16. LOL! I think I heard on the JG forums that Seasonic is preparing an upgrade for the Ampere. (Not mentioned by Seasonic officials) Could this be the result?
  17. But we live in an era where it is not allowed unless it is a 'Japanese cap'. Isn't it so? I've heard from JG that Elite actually owns the best capacitor factories. How is the quality of Elite and Japanese caps compared? I know they are both made by Honghua. What exactly is the difference from the NR series?
  18. I think RMx is better if it's a 10 dollar difference. Choose according to your taste.
  19. Decrease the ripple a little. But it hurts cable convenience. In-line capacitors exist only to get good scores in reviews.
  20. The RMx uses better fans, slightly better components. The advantage of the RM is that it is cheaper and there are no in-line capacitors in the cable.
  21. Small size compared to W looks attractive. Also they seem to provide a monitoring function.
  22. Yes. Almost the same PSU as Bitfenix Whisper M and Enermax Revolution D.F.
  23. Reviews of the GX1050, which appear to have used the same platform, have already been posted. https://m.expreview.com/78499.html