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    Aicc reacted to WereCat in Will my pc handle an Rtx 3060   
    It's an average PSU, it should handle 3060
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    Aicc reacted to mariushm in Should I buy an GTX 1030 2Gb   
    You can use Techpowerup's review database to find reviews for a particular model , or a card with the gpu chip and amount of memory you have.
    Here's the link : TechPowerUp Review Database
    For example, simply type GT 1030 and you'll find reviews. Though you'll have to be careful, some reviews are just paid articles or they're written by people who didn't even have the card and they're just making content for ad money.
    Some review sites have reputation and you'll see them linked more often.
    I double checked what I said in a previous comment by going to Tom's Hardware to check how GT 1030 compared with other cards.
    Another good resource is Anandtech's Benchmark database.
    They have a lot of video cards reviewed and you can compare two cards in lots of games.
    There's a downside ... they upgrade their benchmarks maybe once a year or once every couple of years, so some models can only be compared against models from that period... you're not gonna see a card from 3 years ago in the benchmark from this year.
    Anyway, here's for example GPU Bench 2019 : GPU 2019 Benchmarks - Compare Products on AnandTech
    And this is GPU Bench 2018 : GPU 2018 Benchmarks - Compare Products on AnandTech
    They didn't benchmark GT1030 in 2018, the lowest is GTX 1050 ... but as an example, here's a comparison between AMD RX 460 and GTX 1050 TI : GPU 2018 Benchmarks - Compare Products on AnandTech
    You can pretty much instantly see that GTX 1050 TI beats the RX 460 ... but it's only normal, the RX 460 was lower end, cheaper.
    You can pick any two cards and compare them from the top of those two pages.
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    Aicc reacted to mariushm in Should I buy an GTX 1030 2Gb   
    Some options
    RX 550 4 GB at 140 eur : https://www.ss.lv/msg/lv/electronics/computers/completing-pc/video/lpdjb.html
    gtx960 windforce 2 GB at 144 euro : https://www.ss.lv/msg/lv/electronics/computers/completing-pc/video/bijlii.html
    RX 550 4 GB is maybe 10-20% faster than gt 1030 in some games t, at 720p or similar resolutions
    The gtx960 will be even faster than rx 550, as long as you play games at low-medium quality, basically as long as you keep the vram usage under 2 GB ... some modern games may refuse to start because the video card doesn't have 4 GB.

    They're still not good prices
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    Aicc reacted to OfficialTechSpace in Should I buy an GTX 1030 2Gb   
    A GT 1030 is still faster than any APU. If the 1030 is faster than the Radeon Graphics cores on a 5700g, then they'll definitely be faster than a 3400g. Userbenchmark is not a trustworthy website for information & comparisons.
    The €100 pricetag on a 1030 is still less than the €400+ pricetag of a 5700g (which performs worse).
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    Aicc reacted to boggy77 in Need help figuring out what pc to build on low budget.   
    if a 10400 +b560 board is cheaper than the ryzen 5+ b450 + gt710, go for intel. the performance is the same.
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    Aicc reacted to Mounika in Need help figuring out what pc to build on low budget.   
    Definitely agree. As much as I like AMD, Intel lowered their prices and they're actually a compelling buy, seeing if you can find one. Better yet, maybe look on the used market, there's some great deals if you know where to look.
    Also I recommend going cheaper on the power supply unless you really want a quiet one, going for a cheaper cpu, maybe the 3200G or 10100F and switching the GT 710 out for a 1650 super or 1050ti. Either of those cards will be much, much better than a 710 in terms of gaming and video creation
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    Aicc reacted to Mounika in Need help figuring out what pc to build on low budget.   
    If you want, I've attached a parts list to this message to give you an idea. Exchange rate makes this roughly 535 Euro but you could (and should) definitely buy items that are a better value in Latvia. Definitely stick to either a 9100F, 10100F or 3200G and either a 1650 (super if its available), 5500XT or 1050ti. Using those you should get a pretty decent gaming experience and it should be fairly responsive in video creation, so long as it's not in 4K.
    PCPartPicker Part List Type Item Price CPU Intel Core i3-9100F 3.6 GHz Quad-Core Processor $111.20 @ Device Deal CPU Cooler ARCTIC Freezer 7 X CPU Cooler $35.00 @ PCCaseGear Motherboard Asus PRIME H310M-E R2.0 Micro ATX LGA1151 Motherboard $69.00 @ JW Computers Memory Patriot Signature Premium 8 GB (1 x 8 GB) DDR4-2400 CL17 Memory $46.99 @ Amazon Australia Storage Western Digital Blue SN550 500 GB M.2-2280 NVME Solid State Drive $75.59 @ Amazon Australia Video Card Gigabyte Radeon RX 5500 XT 4 GB OC Video Card $338.00 @ I-Tech Case Deepcool MATREXX 50 ATX Mid Tower Case $74.00 @ I-Tech Power Supply Cooler Master MWE Bronze V2 550 W 80+ Bronze Certified ATX Power Supply $69.00 @ PC Byte   Prices include shipping, taxes, rebates, and discounts     Total $818.78 AUD   Generated by PCPartPicker 2021-03-22 22:23 AEDT+1100    
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    Aicc reacted to LogicalDrm in Pc parts from Aliexpress   
    Things to note:
    Warranty. You need to check how manufacturers deal with warranty in your country. If they accept international warranty, then you could go with importer/local office instead of sending stuff back to retailer. Tax and customs. You seem to be in EU. Most of the sellers on Aliexpress are in Hong Kong or mainland China. Anything coming to EU outside of ETA (European Trade Agreement) will be taxed to VAT and eligible for import duties. You need to check with you countries border control on what the limits are, and they might even have calculators for estimating extra costs. Trying to go around this is criminal offense (fraud). Overall, not something I would think with more expensive stuff. Usually you get things easier and cheapers by just buying locally.
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    Aicc reacted to thrasher_565 in Pc parts from Aliexpress   
    there no paypal ether so the good old enter your visa card number... but i been scammed on ebay, ammazon, so dose it really mater were you buy form?
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    Aicc reacted to SupaKomputa in Pc parts from Aliexpress   
    You're being prejudice, have you ever buy something from there?
    I've been shopping there from Aliexpress for almost 10 years. Some had problems, but it's all cleared, mostly human error, nothing vicious.
    I've imported goods in bulk from Alibaba, most of my vendors are very nice, they even gave me extra as a bonus, plus free samples, before you even buy it.
    All marketplace are the same, have some nasty people, but mostly just honest people try to make a living.
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    Aicc reacted to Brok3n But who cares? in Pc parts from Aliexpress   
    It's aliexpress we're talking about, here. They might eventually get down to it, but under the right circumstances, ehhh. 
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    Aicc reacted to Brok3n But who cares? in Pc parts from Aliexpress   
    Both can be faked.
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    Aicc reacted to SupaKomputa in Pc parts from Aliexpress   
    You can change the shipping if you like and you can claim buyers protection if it doesn't arrive as promised. I've done that, got the money back, and the product for free (don't have to return it)! Just remember not to process the transaction before testing.
    Again, buyers protection will cover this. You can't fake hundreds of reviews, aliexpress will eventually ban you.
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    Aicc reacted to WillLTT in Pc parts from Aliexpress   
    I would go for brand new, because with ali-express, you probably get piss poor shipping, and no warranty cpu that arrives broken in box
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    Aicc reacted to Brandi93 in Pc parts from Aliexpress   
    As someone else said, if you can wait like 1.5-2 months why not? But be careful with customs, there will be added VAT on top, calculated from the original value of the item bought (although this can be changed, there are ways, it is obviously illegal as you're tax evading). 
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    Aicc reacted to curiousmind34 in Pc parts from Aliexpress   
    Would check the 10400f. if its under 150 euros, worth considering. 
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    Aicc reacted to SupaKomputa in Pc parts from Aliexpress   
    Yeah why not, if you have no problems waiting up to 2 months for it to arrive, plus the customs.
    Just remember to play safe when you buy something from marketplace.
    Good ratings and reviews are the key.
    Look up the sellers reputation / items sold.