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  1. I found a refurbished h100i platinum on newegg for half the price of a new one. Is that a safe buy or is it going to be faulty and banged up?
  2. I'm in the market for an aio and I've narrowed it down to either the corsair h100i pro xt or the h100i platinum. I don't care about the rgb fans that come with the platinum, I have different fans i'm going to switch out. However, I noticed the pumps are a bit different. I like the look of the platinum better but I don't know about the difference in performance. Which one should I go with?
  3. I tried that but one of the middle holes is blocked off. The connector looks like this:
  4. I bought a pack of fans that were 3 pin rgb connected, but my mobo doesnt have any 3 pin headers, just 4 pin. Is it better/cheaper to return them and buy some 4 pin fans, or should i buy an adapter for them? I was thinking about maybe getting the deepcool rgb converter...