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  1. Repasting doesn't work in most cases, out of factory it is hot. I didn't lose much performance it's just a little bit
  2. Howdy there, Recently I have noticed that plenty of people have been suffering from their Intel CPU's becoming unpleasantly hot (between 80-90c). I had the same issue until I found a fix that works on almost every Intel i7 and higher. In order to do this method you must have Throttlestop installed. You must launch throttlestop when starting up your computer. Once you have Throttlestop installed click "Disable Turbo" Enjoy your 60 degrees celsius temperature! If you need any help with the program, or cannot figure it out. Let me know and I'll gladly assist.
  3. Lenovo Y530. So it’s perfectly fine to play at those temps?
  4. So my laptop shouldn't really have an issue at 80-90c ?
  5. Howdy. My laptop averages about 70-90 celsius whilst gaming. One second it is 70 other it is 85 other it is 90. should I be concerned? note: i own a laptop
  6. So basically I just power it off and on to see if its dead ?
  7. So it is likely to be fine, I am not 100% sure it didnt but 90% sure it didnt
  8. Ehh I dried em off inmediately, and it is still functioning 30 minutes after, advice?
  9. Hello a few very small droplets of water came onto my keyboard of the Lenov Y530, dried them up inmediately and now my question is. is it likely to be damaged? ( works as it did before just afraid ti might go break soon)