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  • CPU
    Ryzen 7 3800x
  • Motherboard
    ASUS Rog Strix B450-F Gaming II
  • RAM
    16gb Corsair Vengeance 3200MHz RGB
  • GPU
    Galax Nvidia Geforce GTX 1050ti
  • Case
    Corsair Carbide Series Spec-03
  • Storage
    120Gb Kingston SSD, 240Gb Kingston SSD, 1TB HD Seagate Barracuda
  • PSU
    XFX XT600
  • Display(s)
    LG Flatron 22MP55VQ
  • Cooling
    Cooler Master Wraith Prism
  • Keyboard
    Corsair K70 MK.2 Cherry MX Blue
  • Mouse
    Corsair Harpoon RGB
  • Operating System
    Windows 10
  1. I have had a 3800X for 5 months now with a wraith prism cooler and I noticed it idles at 60ºC, should I be worried? I've been thinking about getting an AIO
  2. I have been watching prices for a while and already have upgraded a few parts of my build and the 850W Core Reactor from XPG has a good price right now. But i've seen the news from LTT and GN that there is a new standard for PSUs coming and I have absolutely no rush to buy, I just want a good PSU that I know can last a good time. Should I wait? I don't mind if I have to change the board also. I'm just wondering if in the next time I have to change my MoBo I'll have to switch the PSU also. My current build is: R7 3800X 16GB RAM 512GB NVME SSD 1050ti R
  3. Budget (including currency): I don't have a planned budget, since I will buy parts separately over time as I find some good sales, but it's definetely not high-end, although it's above average Country: Brazil Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Basically any game, but I am a huge computer enthusiast, so I'm flexing a little Other details (existing parts lists, whether any peripherals are needed, what you're upgrading from, when you're going to buy, what resolution and refresh rate you want to play at, etc): Hi LTT Fans, I recently decided to