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  1. Too early to say for sure but this looks promising. Tried it and am 24 hrs no lockups (a record) with CAM running and I even had iCue going for good measure. Will see how it goes and if it doesn't work nothing lost as I still have liquidctl all setup to switch back to. Thanks for the heads up ti489!
  2. I have just last week installed liquidctl thanks to the helpful guides here and documentation with the software and can confirm that one hub and fan set it works with is the smart device v2 in the h510i and the 2 AER 2 RGB fans I have plugged into them. It also says the Hue2 is controllable. One caveat is that it doesn't seem to be able to run the fans in the smart device on a curve just a set speed. As I haven't changed my lighting profile in months I haven't tried to set them up for colour, but there are instructions for how to set the lighting modes and LED colours for it on the github.
  3. It's been driving me crazy troubleshooting this for weeks. Because it's so random minimal booting then enabling stuff was an impatient task, so I obviously at some point decided CAM wasn't the cause and put it back on the list. Then when CAM lost all my profiles after an update I stumbled on this while searching for a solution. Still don't have my profiles back but at least I know the freeze cause. It's somewhat easier to live with knowing the cause and that a fix is coming. Thanks for saving my sanity everyone!!!