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  1. I am trying all these to keep fan relatively silent without loosing performance. There is not much you can do when heatsink is a bare minimum. no pipes. Barley any fins.
  2. Already did. I used Arctic something something X something. Don't remember the name. It dropped a 2-3 degrees but thermal paste alone can not do much when card uses a piece of small aluminum turd and 1 pathetic 8.5cm fan as a cooler.
  3. So 1-2 percent error is a go. Good to know. Can I do some smaller benchmarks if I am not comparing thermals anymore? like 3dmark firestrike (without demo) or msi combustor. Will that affect my data in significant way?
  4. Hi I am trying to undervolt my pathetic gpu to lower the thermals. (1060 3gb- going from 1886mhz/1063mv to 1911mhz/925mv) I have never done it before. Most tutorials I read state that if benchmarks are not crashing anymore I have found "sweet" spot. Is that true? Can undevolting introduce Micro/stutters, low fps, etc. performance related problems without crashing? Benchmarks give around the same average scores, even with small overclock while being at least 7 degrees cooler. Can I call it a day or should I test more? (I am lazy and I hate doing multiple trials)
  5. HiI need an advice. I am planning to buy a monitor. I want to find 75Hz one. (Well Windows GUI is smoother and Tearing does not seem to be a serious problem) However at 75HZ I can only get 1080P monitors in shops. Sadly my GPU is not powerful enough push 60 frames at 1080p in modern games. (sometimes not even games of it's time) ( GTX 1060 3gb ) Which one do you suggest. Scour the second hand market for old greasy, color bleed monitors at lower native resolution or buy a new one with 1080p native resolution and use upscaling sharpening mumbo jumbos to make games less blurry? Do low rea
  6. In the future maybe. I could barely get h410 at decent price and for a while it was a last cheap lga1200 board in nearby stores. Not knowing how would market mutate I brought it while I could. If I have to replace motherboard I would rather raise even few more bucks, wait few more months and buy something that can actually use decent RAM sticks. (500 series or z490) Right now I would love to taste the legendary NVME speeds. Last board I had was from 2013 so I am completely clueless about the technology. I just wanted to know it wont compromise rest of the system.
  7. Hi, I have cheap motherboard which has only 6 PCIlanes provided by chipset. I have 3 sata drives. I am planning to by one more and NVME SSD. Can 6 lanes handle that much? Will NVME always use 4 lanes or they can be shared dynamically? Let's say using only two or three at once. (booting from NVME and playing on sata or downloading on one sata while playing on another ?
  8. Good to know. Is 6 lanes enough for 5 drives though? Using max 3 of them simultiniously + usb perifery?
  9. Hi, I recently brought budget Motherboard MSI H410M Pro. Manual says that it supports PCIE 3.0 x4 NVME drive in M.2 slot. No disclaimers about m.2 slot in manual except disabling one sata port if I install sata m.2 ssd. However, H410 chipset only has 6 pci lanes. I have 4 sata drives connected already. (2hdd, 2ssd). What I want to know is if motherboard will be able to handle SATA drives and NVME. (I doubt ssd will even work in x4 mode as I am planning to use it for just boot/gaming) Is there a chance that NVME drive will use CPU PCI lanes which I are occupied by GPU and I do no