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  1. thanks and here are the pictures
  2. no beeps or error codes it says aa on board after start up
  3. Hello i have an x99-tf from huananzi whit an 2620 v3 memory is 16gb ddr4 3000mhz psu is 750 w seasonic when i plug my 6700xt (founder edition ) in my pc boot it up it doesn't display anything but it gives some type of signal my screen goes on does the 6000 serie doesnt work whit xeon's or ??? Pls help
  4. i bought it from him a while back like 1 year ago i can't contact that person annymore and what info ? about the purchase ?
  5. the card had i paper for gigabyte 4 year waranty extention and it was already used so i think he enable the 4 your waranty on the site of gigabyte but i can't contact gigabyte
  6. Hello i have bought this card second hand and don't have the warranty papers of the store itself and the card has stripse across the screen i want to RMA the card but i don't know how i can? I live in belgium (eu) i contacted the esupport of gigabyte but no anser in weeks are there anny solutions thanks a lot !
  7. Hello this is my first time working whit free nas i just took 1 hard drive in a old computer and use the computer as nas. I think i set it up correctly and than i wanted to put a file on the nas and i got a speed of 500Kb/s so super slow. Does anny one know what the problem is or how to troubleshoot this. I have no idea how to start troubelshooting this thanks!!!