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  1. I have since fixed this issue. Thanks anyway!
  2. I believe so. All cables appear to be connected and I think I have identified a PERC or RAID controller
  3. Hi there, I ended up purchasing 2 R610s. 1 of them is working fine however the other is having trouble when I try to install the OS on it. It is not finding my disk. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
  4. Would the R610 be better than the R900?
  5. Would you recommend the Dell R710? What is the difference between the R710,R720 and the R520? Would there be a benefit to an R610? Does anyone have any 2.5 inch server hard drives they would recommend? Sorry for the very late reply!
  6. Does anyone know if it would be possible to use Ubuntu or would I have to purchase a separate OS?
  7. Ok thanks. I will probably stick with the R900 then. I will keep an eye out and ask if I think I have found a better option. Thanks for the support!
  8. Thanks for the reply! The machine runs 4x Xeon E7450 CPUs. I used to run a Minecraft network and have since been requested to start it back up again. It will probably end up being fairly large so am worried mainly about the CPUs. Luckily enough, I do not pay the power bill, but I do want to ensure it can do everything I need before I purchase.
  9. Hi there, I was about to purchase a Dell R900 when I started panicking about it’s age. The one I was looking to purchase is roughly $150. It has 128GB ram and 4 older Xeons. The noise is not an issue for me, however I was looking to run some Minecraft servers on it by installing the pterodactyl panel. Should I keep looking for another server or do you think the R900 would be alright for my use case? I have never used servers before, and when I first saw it I thought it was a bargain but I do not want to purchase it if it would be too old to run the things I need.
  10. Thanks for the help. I’ll let you all know if I have any further issues!
  11. Is there a way to do both on and offsite backups?
  12. Sorry I mistyped! Have edited now Would I need to use external backups or could I setup to have 1 HDD for making backups and the SSD for storage?
  13. I was planning to use windows/ windows server. Is there a benefit to using a HDD because I currently do not use more than 200GB of storage and can always add more down the line. I was not planning on using external backups, would this be a good idea?
  14. How is this looking? https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/user/GeckoBoy84/saved/FhkbLk
  15. Any ideas on a good motherboard combo? https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/user/GeckoBoy84/saved/FhkbLk