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  1. what type of psu are you using, also, try cleaning the gpu pins, the stuttering is bound to either the gpu or the games itself being unoptimized or ur settings in the games, try lowering graphical settings because you might just be hitting a major bottleneck, if that does not work, try to uninstall and reinstall drivers, if that does not work, remove the gpu and run an easy to run game without the gpu entirely to ensure it is just gpu bound, run a game that will work and be playable on intel integreated graphics, also reaseat the ram sticks, look up the correct ram config, could also be ram ru
  2. so, i have an external gpu a psu for it, and an m.2 to gpu adapter, and i was wondering if it would work with an m.2 to usb adapter as i cannot remove the wifi card otherwise i will not be able to game. my router is in my basement, and i would like to use this as a semi portable gaming laptop until i have enough to buy a legit gaming laptop as well, so wifi is a must, any suggestions/help would be greatly appreciated
  3. look at the recent messages, forgot to tag u so u could see them, u dont get notified unless ur tagged
  4. this monitor is just a couple dollars over budget, at 314 euros, not a bad option, or u could do the ips version, https://www.amazon.com/ASUS-Gaming-VG27AQ-G-SYNC-Monitor/dp/B07WPFP6S4/ref=asc_df_B07WQ4FXY9/?tag=&linkCode=df0&hvadid=385286500280&hvpos=&hvnetw=g&hvrand=10591992477355763094&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9028984&hvtargid=pla-815993052659&ref=&adgrpid=77282054583&th=1
  5. Floatplane is very successful, just like youtube, which, linus uses every day, but why? simply put it that the video sites never take off because 1, people are more used to youtube, 2, these sites are not nearly as funded as though floatplane and youtube are, and 3, because people dont put a whole bunch of effort into making the site easy to use, fun to use, and free to use. People do not use these sites because they commonly require you to register, or they require payment. Floatplane has made millions because it was made by someone successful,(which is not always true, remember microsoft's m
  6. ok, so u could also addon a streaming rig of the same spec as well, get the case ltt used for the 100,000$ build, it would fit 2 pc's
  7. you could do 64 core 128 thread threadripper, 4, rtx 3090's, 128gb of 4000mhz ddr4, 4tb nvme ssd, and you could buy a car to mod
  8. i would tell you tu buy a new board/cpu, but idk if thats the problem, you should try in another pc besides the intel and the amd fx systems just to ensure it is the card and not anything between systems, also try reseating ram, i know u got an output from the board with ur other gpu's, but u never know. also try to put the gpu on a riser of some sort, could be the connection between the card and the x16 connectors. also look at the pins on the card, (the gold at the bottom of the card) i know u prolly know what ur doing, but u would be surprised to see that people dont know whaty the pins on
  9. ok, so, you are being scalped for the cpu, go to ebay and try to buy one, i live in the us, and i calculated the cost in usd. the sum? 411.63$ usd. thats bad. this cpu is 280-320 usd and 374-427 singapore dollars msrp, try to find a good deal wether you do it locally or online shipped to your door, try to get a better deal through local deals. i use facebook, craigslist, and offerup, these sites got me a ryzen 5 3500 and 1660 super 4gb of gddr6 based pc for 300 with a monitor.
  10. the specs listed above, the og 8gb single channel stick, a monitor, keyboards and mouse, easily an 800-100 value
  11. i already own the 580, i have 2 pc's now, the hp pc was too good of a deal to pass up
  12. get a 1000 watt psu, its because of the 3080, this gpu beast can have up to 400-850 watt spikes, which would be the reason why this problem occurs, your psu is underpowering the card, so when the current spikes, it shuts it off, what psu do you have?
  13. this is my new portable pc, so i want to bring the best performance possible since im not going to be using my home pc while im gone
  14. so, would i be able to run a sapphire radeon rx 580 8gb on an hp prebuilt? the prebuilt was purchased for 300, specs are 16gb of corsair dominator 3200 ddr4, ryzen 5 3600, 1tb hdd and 128/256/512gb ssd, idk which one it is, a zotac 1650 super 4gb, and an 80+ platinum rated 400 watt psu, would that be sufficient enough to run the 580 with a 6pin to 8 pin adapter? the prebuilt also came with monitor, 3 oem keyboards, and an oem mouse, none were hp, it is a mini green hp desktop, so would i be able to run it? the 580 is a sapphire pulse radeon rx 580 8gb of gddr5 help?
  15. so can you email me a direct link? its not in the rulebook. it does not say you cannot email someone a link, i need your help, you clearly know a lot about the mac g5, and considering ive despised apple for my entire life, i dont know much about them and their older computers, my email is dakotahnichol1@ gmail.com