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  1. im using a sound card so the only slot i have open is my second full pcie...would it take away from my GPU lanes?
  2. So I got a new mobo (z590 aorus elite AX) and it only has 1 usb3.0 style front panel header...are there adapters to turn my usb3.2c header into a usb3.0 header so i can hook both my usb3 front panels up?....i have the case front panel and a 3.5 panel and as of right now i cant hook my 3.5 panel up....im looking for a really cheap way to get both going and i thought about a pcie x1 card but it would have to go in my second pcie x16 slot would that take away from my video cards lanes?...i know this is a real stupid problem to have and i overlooked when i bought the mobo but i thought maybe yall
  3. ya that deal sold out before i could get to it lol
  4. I have a 2070 super and a 6700k...i know there is new cpus coming out but they will be hard to get... AND AMD is hard to get...and im an intel guy anyway...but the 10700k is 319$ and i even saw a deal with a 10850k and a 250$ mobo for 550$...Im thinking the 10700k and a good 200$ mobo would let my 2070 super rip a lil more what do yall think? also...i have a 1080p 144hz monitor