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  1. yeah, i tried that. right now im running a new fresh install of win10 (ssd + usb so it didnt take long), im gonna install all of the windows 10 updates before i do this driver install just to rule out the possibility of issues stemming from an older build of win10
  2. The only reason im thinking otherwise is the fact ive not had a single issue without the driver installed, just seems very odd to me
  3. Yeah im going for an older driver now (hopefully this will resolve the issue) and i'll download that program too, although i had to flat out fresh install win10 from a usb after the last driver install as i was getting bsod's in the recovery menus haha. Really hoping this isnt the card
  4. Unfortunately i dont think so as i tested an hd 6950 in there when i initially ran into issues, the card ran fine (this was with no drivers) but then again the 750ti also ran fine without drivers. i just didnt fancy messing about downloading, installing then uninstalling the amd drivers haha, but again its something ill come back to if this older driver install fails
  5. Fx 6300 (stock atm), 10gb of ram (mismatched sticks i know but this is kinda a bits and pieces build), with the gtx 750ti of course and a bog standard kingston ssdnow drive
  6. i've got this in an fx 6300 build, i do have an athlon 860k build i could have a go with if worse comes to worse (although the thing doesn't have its own psu atm) but ill probably give it a try, i suppose its possible the card is faulty, just i find it odd the issues only arise after the driver install
  7. thanks for the heads up, I've actually installed the drivers twice from two separate downloads but both resulted in the same thing, good to hear its not this bad for everyone though haha
  8. hi guys, hoping someone a tad more experienced with nvidia cards than myself (up until now, Amd user) could shed some light on this for me. I installed a gtx 750ti tonight and went through the usual win10 install process with zero issues, i used the pc for a good 4 hours with absolutely 0 bsod's. i then went to install the latest (368.39) drivers, all went smoothly and i was promoted to restart - following the restart the system became unresponsive with the display periodically freezing - followed by a bsod within 5 minutes of being powered on. Are there known issues with this driver? im
  9. Hey guys, that's an awesome little desktop and would be perfect for a more chilled couch set up. Thanks for the giveaway
  10. i currently have an fx 8120 @4.4ghz and an r9 290x, i haven ran into any major issues/ bottlenecks so far and i havent got a problem with my cpu but i just wanted to get some opinions (currently have a nice lg ips 1080p monitor) but the idea of a nice 6-core i7 is sounding very appealing, what do you guys think?
  11. i wouldn't call it super unbalanced as i have no bottlenecking and whatnot but im running an fx 8120 (4.2ghz) and an r9 290
  12. I don't think I'll use my h80 on my GPU as its non reference and I don't want it ghetto to the point I'm strapping fans to it in order to cool the vrms haha, I found some adaptors that will let me run a little bit of h80 sized tubing from its rad then connect it to my regular sized tubing so none of the connection should be dodgy. I'll have all of the stuff within the next week and I will post some temp results (with and without the h80 rad)
  13. I will leak test for at least 24 hours, with a little research I have found the dimensions of the h80 to be 6mm ID & 8mm OD. Does anyone know of any adaptors that would allow me to use the larger tubing of my triton wit it? (9.5mm ID/ 12.5OD)
  14. And yeah you might be right about the tubing however I'm going to give it a go anyway, I'll post some results when/if I get it up and running
  15. Thanks for the reply, and yeah, I'm thinking of adding in my r9 290 and I also think it would be a cool little project, its a shame just to get rid if my h80 when it could be put to some good use, however I think there may be some issues with size and may have to get some slim fans for the 240 rad just to make both rads fit (my case is a cm storm trooper) but I think I'll go ahead with it anyway and I'll post temperature results just in case anyone is interested