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  1. I see. So let's say i go for your suggestion.. What kind of performance improvements i can expect ? Let's say i am running ANSYS. Will the simulations done much faster (e.g maybe 1-2 hours faster) Compared to Intel analogue ?
  2. Is there any possibility that they will finally realize that having a reparable device is actually better and more sustainable business practice ?
  3. My GTX-750Ti or the PCI Slot catch Fire in the mid of gaming. Literally. That's back in some years ago. Still wonder what happened back then... It seems a weird power supply issue (it was cheap PSU's). It killed everything except the harddrive. Turning me essentially into a laptop user for some years. and there is documentation too... Video0006.3gp Video0006.3gp
  4. Thank you for suggestion. Tho i'm not planning on any overclocking tho so TDP is not really my concern. and on respect of cooler tho, as seen i am using Intel stock cooler. Can it fits on the AMD's ?
  5. Budget (including currency): About 6.7 Million Indonesian Rupiah. (IDR) Which is equivalent to about 500 USD (including Paypal's exchange rate). Country: Indonesia Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: -General purpose (watching movie, browsing etc) basically a WFH setup -ANSYS Radar Cross Section simulations this. in my current machine when i set it to relatively high resolution and frequency the analysis can take entire day to complete. -Blender 3D modeling and rendering with Cycles/eeve render engine -General graphics with Corel Draw.
  6. Thursday, ‎August ‎22, ‎2013, ‏‎20:36:15 That's how old my Windows folder is.
  7. Yeah. This time i'm gonna (after some financial effort) Gonna get a new PSU's. Regarding the Windows, i hope i dont have to fresh install haha. Nonetheless i have recovery media ready. I think i will mark this thread as solved for now. See if new PSU will fix everything.
  8. Might be. Thanks. The "properly" working 480 Watt unit however seems to have dead SATA power plug the contact was covered with some white mold which i cant properly clean. So even the board was working, i cant properly boot in to Windows. The test PSU ? Well there are 3. But as Shrimp said above i might have that situation. Back when i first got that board. my PSU was a 500 Watt unit Korean brand "Danawa" Later i replaced it with 520 Watt. Seasonic S-12-II
  9. Greetings. and this is my first post here. Good to see you all. First thing first i apologize if this board section is wrong place to ask but... i think it's more on the motherboard instead of PSU so here goes. So here it is. I have maybe 6 years old PC now. With following specs : Motherboard : ASUS H61M-C GPU : Palit GTX-1050Ti RAM : 2 sticks of 4 GB's totaling 8 GB. Processor : Intel I5-3330 Storages are : 2x Samsung EVO 860 SSD's one is 250 GB while the second one is 500 GB. There is also my old Laptop HDD which is HGST 500 GB unit.