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    technology (all forms), science (all forms), anime, comics, and other things that need not be said.
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    cat, im a kitty cat and i meow meow meow and i meow meow meow. cat, im a kitty cat and i dance dance dance and i dance dance dance....
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    not what i want to do


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    1866 amd ram
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    msi r9 fury x
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    haf xb evo
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    basic 500Gb hdd
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    evga 1200watt 80plus platnium
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    lg flatron w2452t *very old but still looks amazing*
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    2 closed loop water systems atm
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    thermaltake esports chalanger ultimate
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    logitech g9x
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    very old creative p7800 7.1 system
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    windows 8.1

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  1. ok so just built a system for a friend. its got an asus strix b450-i with latest bios and a 3700x stock. i got him 16gigs of gskillz 3600mhz ram to go with it and the psu is an older corsair ax760. and the gpu hasnt ben upgraded yet which is an r9 290x. oh and storage is a samsung 850 pro 512gig and aa adata xpg sx8100 2tb nvme drive. fresh install of windows on the 850pro. ok so now the issue is that once the system turns off the only way to turn it on again is to unplug the power supply and plug it back in. never seen this issue befor but im wondering is the 3600mhz speed to much
  2. my question is how much faster do we need phone cpus to be??? i got the lumia 950xl which has the 810 in it and the thing is already blazing fast... hell my old lumia 925 was fast enough to handle everything... but i guess manufactures wont just stop making new stuff that is kinda the point to keep pushing the bounds of the hardware world and processing speed... cuase one day we will need all this processing power but today is not that day....
  3. oh man this thing would be great as a steam in-home streaming handheld... this will be like the greatest umpc if it comes out... im excited. i love me some super small handheld full x86 computers.. own like 10 different kinds <_>
  4. ok so yes this is an issue that many people have posted many diffrent fixes for in the past few years but it seems that i cant get anything to work on the newer drivers and a "fury x" i realy really dont want to run the game in a virtual machine just to play it on my desktop. (laptop is fine whihc runs nvidia and windows 10) im just wondering if anyone here has any other possible fixes that might help me... not that it will make much of a diffrence but this is the gog version of the game. the problem started that i couldnt get into the game but deleteing the atioglxx.dll and a
  5. this is one of my favorite songs hope you like it enough to add to the list https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NYuugfjzqBU and then this is just a silly fun song that you can add if you want https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5HWEvYep8dE i know a ton of other good songs but these are the first to come to mind i might come back later with more if i find them all
  6. wow cool but id never do it... i dont like the idea of living forever. even if its in a computer... heck life is really boring and im only in my mid 20's... id be happy to never make it past 30 cuase i cant possibly see anything enjoyable for living so long.... if you lived in a computer youd be doing the same old boring stuff year over year and thats just no fun... il take my death with happiness thankyou very much.... as cool as it be to be that guy that has lived through everything ill pass on this one.
  7. honsetly i think it wasnt MSFT's problem... well kinda and kinda not.. but i think it is the carries that are disinterested in holding stock of these phones that not many want... i mean the last time a flagship phone came out for the lumia line it didnt sell so quick and i imagine they sat on stock for longer than they wanted to of those phones.... so verizon definitaly gives no shits about whidows phones and t-mobile probaly equaly so... im still waiting for them to be in stock on microsofts site >.<
  8. hmm cool im curious to see what improvments this makes on my furyx... im already staying at 60fps 90% of the time but there are times i dip to about 40fps and thats with a reshade and enb fixes.... so if this makes me run 60 100% of time ill be happy. but its not neccesary since i hardly notice the dips...
  9. ahhh its good to see my little robot brothers finally learning the language of man... cant wait for them to join up with me mwahahahaha
  10. i been looking at somehting small like this for a pc for the family room that wont be to loud and small and out of the way and can play the hd content we want to enjoy... currently have a pc i built in there but its a bit large and louder than i wanted...
  11. i always wanted a zune since day one but at the time i never had the money to afford the steep price tag.. but now i do and since zune is dead i bought a fiio x5 instead... still wish i had a zune.. maybe ill buy an off hand one just to have. this is sad news indeed... also wish that 10 free song deal still was going on too but i never noticed it when i had groove music there is just no good way to get quality music with money these days for mp3 players...
  12. i think those headphones look sexy as hell. but im definetly in the market for new mouse and keyboard. still rocking some rubber dome keys... v.v
  13. http://1drv.ms/1LYeTYp ^that is a closeup photo of the spot where vrm was it came out better than i hoped and hopefuly its good enough for you to tell whats going on. it dont look like there was any dmg to layers under it just the top layer and maybe when cleaned up a bit more it be fine.
  14. ok so becuase i was testing diffrent ways to cool the vrms on my old 290x's i had made a metal heatsink that touched the vrms and screwed into the screw holes. well it turns out i should have done more research into the vrms used on the 290x and haveing them grounded like that and bypassing the filter caps was bad and caused a lot of high pitched noises under load. well eventualy one of the vrms burnt up and system shut down. everything is fine except now i have a vrm that is no longer on the card along with a big scorch mark when it was... this may sound like a bad idea but would it stil
  15. whao fancy its like all the functionality of a pebble as far as i can tell but the looks of a millionaire... to bad im still not a "wearing stuff on my wrist" kind of guy...